The Lawyers Video Studio Challenge & Results

resultsOver the past few months, I have intermittently challenged each one of you.

I have done it intentionally.

I have done it to keep your interest.

I have done it to provoke you.

More importantly, I have challenged you to take action. 

My goal as a fellow colleague, trusted advisor and friend is to help you succeed. By challenging you to take massive action, I hope I have lit a fire under your butt to do something that you know you need to do.

  • My challenge was for you to create fresh new video content on a frequent basis.
  • My challenge was for you to go out and start shooting video.
  • My challenge was for you to create 25 videos in a two-week period.
  • I also challenged you to create 50 videos in a one-day video shoot.


There were very few attorneys who took me up on my challenge.

That fact alone was very revealing. The fact that only a handful of lawyers have publicly acknowledged rising to my challenge is both exciting and troubling.

It’s exciting in the sense that a few really smart lawyers have taken massive action to set themselves apart from all other competitors.

It’s troubling that the majority of lawyers who actively read my blog have either chosen to do nothing or put this on the back burner.


I want to publicly acknowledge my good friend and fellow trial attorney, Ben Glass from Fairfax, Virginia.

Shortly after issuing my challenge, Ben not only took me up on my challenge but did something that blew me away. He sent me a message on Facebook indicating he had just created 25 videos in one hour at the Fairfax video studio.

IN ONE HOUR! That’s something I could not and cannot even come close to. The greatest number of videos I have been able to shoot in one hour has been about 10, and that’s on a really great day. Each of my videos are 2-3 minutes long.

What Ben accomplished in one hour has far surpassed the number of videos I have ever been able to accomplish in that same timeframe and I congratulate him for taking wildly massive action and the guts to rise to my challenge.

Ben is a master lawyer marketing strategist and you would be well served to follow what he does and pay attention to his seminars, his coaching and mastermind programs at


As a mentor, video producer, video coach, video guide and seasoned medical malpractice trial attorney for over 24 years who uses video consistently every single day to generate calls and e-mails to my practice, I’m thrilled with those really smart attorneys who have risen to my video challenge.

For those other attorneys who have failed to rise to the challenge, I am ironically, pleased with them as well.

It simply means that I can continue to easily set myself apart along with my clients here in the Lawyers Video Studio from all of our competitors who seek to market themselves online.

I want to thank those lawyers for not taking action and for allowing us the ability to take advantage of opportunities that either they don’t want to implement or don’t have the guts to create great educational attorney content that their viewers want and need to know.


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