The Dolphin Video That Got Away

Sanibel Island, Florida

I’m on vacation with my wife on Sanibel Island in Florida and while walking along the beach I glanced out into the calm ocean waters and was amazed to see two dolphins swimming lazily about 20 feet from shore. I could have kicked myself for not having my video camera with me.

My video camera is the Canon Vixia HF S10 and you can easily hold it comfortably in one hand. I left it up in the room. All I had at that moment was my Blackberry, which has a tiny pinhole 3.2 megapixel camera and a passable video camera too.

I watched in fascination as the dolphins appeared to be swimming in lazy figure eights, until they spotted a fish to eat, then they sped up incredibly fast and when they were about 10 feet from shore, did a sharp U-turn and returned to lazy 8′s.  I immediately pulled out my blackberry, clicked five different buttons just to get to the video function and then pressed “record.”

I was clearly capturing this fascinating event happening right in front of my eyes! On video. I could immediately email it to my kids at home; I could immediately post it to Facebook and Twitter. I could even post it here on my blog. I took a series of five video clips, each lasting about 30 seconds. I was really excited about the footage and couldn’t wait to save the clips. There were two other people on the beach near me who were also watching this incredible feeding pattern. The dolphins were breaching the water every 20 seconds or so. What a sight.

And then it happened. Mid-way through the 5th video clip, my blackberry video camera froze. Yes, froze. The buttons were unresponsive. Nothing I did changed the image frozen on the screen or returned me back to my home screen. I was in la-la smartphone land. That’s the in-between land of the blue screen of death on a PC and the moment you’re about to throw your phone out the window.

I did the only thing I could. I removed the back cover, took out the battery and did a reset of my phone. Notice again the title of this blog post. When I re-booted my phone, not one single video had been saved in the phone’s memory!! Arrghh. Talk about frustrating. So instead, here I am trying to re-create in words what I saw with my very own eyes. Hence the incredible power of video.

What’s the moral of this story?

I’m taking my real video camera with me next time I walk along the beach; you never know what you might see.

Thanks for taking time to read my blog post!


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