The Challenge & Thrill of Biking UPHILL

Lawyers Video Studio, Israel

Israel: We hiked this mountain in 95 degree heat. Toward the top there is a sheer face with a vertical ladder. The feeling on reaching the top was awesome.

Have you ever felt like challenging yourself because you knew you could accomplish something?  That’s exactly how I felt today before heading out on my bike ride here in Great Neck. I decided I was going to go up every single hill I could find and do it at a faster pace than I have ever done before. [Today's ride stats: 13.69 miles; Top speed: 31.9 mph]

Where I live, there are a lot of small challenging hills heading down to the water on the west side of Great Neck. Before I can torture myself climbing hills, I have to zoom down those roads that lead me toward the water. Most people coast downhill. Not I.

I pedal and go even faster. I’m constantly challenging myself. However, today’s challenge was not simply having the wind in my face and the euphoria of getting up to speeds between 25 mph-32 mph. Rather, the challenge was climbing the hills. The feeling of accomplishment at the top of every one of those hills was absolutely awesome.

You must continue to challenge yourself on a daily basis. You must learn to improve and focus on your goals. One of the best ways to do that is to envision yourself having accomplished your goal, standing on top of that mountain looking down. That is the most satisfying feeling of all.

Get rid of those obstacles and simply consider it another challenge you know you can overcome.

Let me know what types of challenges you overcame recently.

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