The Attorney Video Marketing Dilemma

It’s no longer a question of “Should I create attorney video to market my law firm?”

That question left the building long ago. (That’s actually a really bad metaphor, since a question cannot leave a building, but you get the gist).

The question now is “How can I create an entire attorney video library that will allow me to dominate my online video market?”

Today, that question is easy to answer.

A few years ago, not so easy.

Today, there are many video companies that will create video for you. Bandwidth is no longer an issue as it was years ago. Hosting the videos is no longer an issue since YouTube has dominated the online video world, all for free.

The dilemma arises in which video company you will use to create great educational attorney video to market your law firm.

Keep in mind that this dilemma is really not a dilemma at all…as long as you know what questions to ask.

As with all things unknown, you don’t really know what to ask since you don’t know what’s important.

Let me share with you a few key tips that will help you reach your decision about how to create an entire video library to take over your online video space.


  1. You want to dominate your online space, not just put up a couple of videos on your website and YouTube.
  2. You want a video company that helps you market your videos, not just create them and throw them onto YouTube.
  3. You want to know that the video company knows how to optimize your videos to maximize the chances a viewer will find your videos, find them compelling and want to call you for more information.
  4. You want to know what kind of results and ROI their clients have achieved with their video efforts.


  1. Creating a technically proficient hi-definition video is just one key element.
  2. Optimizing your video is the second key element. That includes creating a compelling headline, an interesting description, the right keywords and tags and utilizing every possible tool that YouTube and other video sharing sites allow to maximize the chances your videos will be found.
  3. Promoting your video using social media is the third key element.

If you fail to utilize any one of those key elements, you’ll scratch your head wondering what you did wrong and why your videos may not be generating calls.


Here in the Lawyers Video Studio, we are a Video Marketing Company, not just some video production company who can shoot your video and put it on YouTube. To learn more about our video marketing programs where you can create 20 videos, 30 videos, 50+ videos (in a one-day video shoot), 100+ videos, 150 videos, 200, 250 & 300 videos (in just one year!) I encourage you to schedule your strategy call with me to see if & how I can help you get started.

Call 1-800-320-4314 and leave a message for Kathleen or send an email to We welcome your call!


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During the videotaping, you would stop and correct us when we needed correcting. During the videotaping, you let us go along on topics that you felt were interesting that may not be direct to the point but would capture our audience. When we were shy a topic, you threw one out at us. When we needed to be given direction, you gave us that direction. I can only say to anybody who’s considering Gerry Oginski for this process, that there should be no one else that you should consider.

Andrew Siegel
Siegel & Coonerty, LLP