The Attorney Video Marketing Dilemma

If you fail to utilize any one of those key elements, you'll scratch your head wondering what you did wrong and why your videos may not be generating calls. Continue reading

What it Means to Dominate Your Online Attorney Video Space

What type of psychological effect do you think that would have on your ideal consumer who is searching for information about their particular legal problem? The psychological trigger is remarkable. Especially when your attorney videos consistently come up over and over again. Continue reading

Are You Invisible to the 2nd Largest Search Engine in the World?

Once you begin to recognize how YouTube and Google are interconnected and that failing to put up great educational video to market yourself and your law firm makes you 100% visible to the second largest search engine in the world, you begin to immediately see the need to create video. Continue reading

How Many YouTube Subscribers Do You Have on Your Attorney Video Channel?

The number of subscribers you have on your YouTube video channel is just one metric that YouTube uses when evaluating the authority, relevancy and importance of the content you put online. If you have no subscribers to your channel, you might want to rethink the type of content you're putting online. Continue reading

“Objection Your Honor!…This Attorney Video Has No Spotlight Annotations!”

I can guarantee you though that this attorney, who has spent time, effort and resources to create this video will scratch his head in the months to come wondering why his video will likely not generate calls to his office. Read this blog post again and you'll see the answer. Continue reading

If Your Ideal Client Isn’t Looking For Attorney Videos Online, Should You Still Create Attorney Video To Attract Them to You Online?

If your ideal client is NOT looking for you online, why are you spending your time and resources to get them online to find you?

If your ideal client doesn’t search the internet or YouTube looking for information, then you SHOULD NOT create attorney video to market to that ideal client.

It’s that simple. Or is it?

The better question I have for you is “How do you know your ideal client isn’t going online to search for you?”

How do you know your ideal client or consumer doesn’t have a computer and searches the internet for information?

If you are basing this on what you “feel” or “believe,” chances are good that you’re wrong.

The best way to know what your ideal clients or consumers are doing is to either survey them by an independent third party, or the simpler approach is to ASK THEM!

If you ask them, they will likely tell you the truth. Then you can make an educated decision based upon actual data and not some perception of what you ‘think’.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs (attorneys included) believe they know their clients well. They assume their potential clients act based on their experience and… Continue reading

Should You Post Your Attorney Videos on “Other” Video Sharing Sites Besides YouTube?

I tend to focus more on just three or four video sharing sites. The first and most important one is YouTube. The other two or three I will leave to your imagination for now. (Sorry for the tease, but I still have video marketing secrets that I reserve exclusively for my really smart Lawyers Video Studio clients.) Continue reading

How Often Do You Add New Attorney Video Content Online?

Does that mean putting up one video a month? Or one video every six months? Or 50 or 100 videos over the course of a year? The answer, I believe, is in consistency. Just like with exercise, the more effort and energy you put into it, the better results and outcome you can expect to achieve. Continue reading

How Does YouTube Actually Rank Your Attorney Videos?

The bottom line is that if you consistently put out great educational content for your consumers and ideal clients on a regular frequent basis, and utilize all the tools that YouTube allows you, you'll be well on your way to having your videos show up consistently when people search for your content and information. Continue reading

YouTube’s New SEO Algorithm May Hurt Your Attorney Videos

If true, then getting a viewer to sit through your entire video will be challenging and probably painful. That could seriously impact their ability to watch your entire attorney video, Continue reading


I found Gerry’s approach to be a common sense approach to… what people are looking for. It’s not necessarily what we think our video should be, it’s really what people are searching for. Gerry’s made a study of how people search the web and what they need from lawyers and then he’s able to communicate that on video. That’s what I really found intriguing: the methodology by which we shoot the videos and the way that he communicates that methodology.

Joe Hanyon
MHK Attorneys