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WORLD RECORD SHATTERED by Missouri Personal Injury Attorney Ben Schmitt!

The new world record for creating 50 educational videos here in the Lawyers Video Studio has just been shattered. Continue reading

Lawyers Video Studio Trivia Game

Attorney video marketing simply does not work. The State of the Internet Address for Lawyer Video Marketing in 2010, 2011 & 2012 was done by President Barak Obama in the oval office. The Lawyers Video Studio has created over 2500 educational videos for their clients. Continue reading

Lawyer Video Marketing: The Psychology of Counting Down Instead of Up

I think I'll adopt the psychological motivating factor in counting down during the video shoot where I am your video producer, your video coach and your video guide. Continue reading

A Milestone in Video Marketing for Attorneys

“I want you to know that as a result of creating a complex video marketing system, I get calls and emails every day from people who are searching for information and whether I can help them solve their legal problems.” Continue reading

You Made a Few Videos With Another Attorney Video Company and Now… PART 3

Here in the Lawyers Video Studio, the type of attorney video content you create is THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of your videos. It’s not the equipment or where you stand or what clothes you wear. It’s all about the material and message you’re creating. Continue reading

You Made a Few Attorney Videos With Another Video Company and Now… PART 2

The better prepared you are the more confident you’ll be. The better prepared you are the more fun you’ll have. The better prepared you are the more relaxed and comfortable you’ll be. Preparation is the key. Continue reading

You Made a Few Attorney Videos With Another Video Company and Now… PART 1

Here in the Lawyers Video Studio, every attorney has a personal mastermind call with me. That call lasts one hour. During that call I discuss in detail with you the types of content you need to create. I explain what compels a viewer to watch and call. I prepare you as if you’re being prepped for a deposition or trial...in a nicer way, of course. Continue reading

Your Attorney Video is Not Worth 1000 Words

All those intangible things are worth much more than lots of words. That's what gets a viewer to pick up the phone and call you asking for more information. Continue reading

What’s Education-Based Video Marketing for Attorneys?

I was talking with an attorney the other day at a legal marketing seminar. He has used lots of different media to market his law firm. He has used TV ads with a zero ROI. No matter what changes he makes to his TV ads, he doesn't get any calls. Continue reading

My Video Marketing Experiment & Results

In November 2012 I gave a lecture to attorneys at the NYC Bar Association. It was about medical malpractice law for the non-medical malpractice attorney. It was part of their Bridge-the-Gap program. Continue reading


Gerry is really a master of Internet marketing and an authority on effective lawyer video marketing. I highly recommend Gerry if you’re interested in custom law firm video to successfully build your practice.

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