Why Subscribe to a YouTube Video Channel Titled New York Medical Malpractice & Personal Injury?

My video channel titled New York medical malpractice and personal injury is not designed for entertainment. It doesn't fall into the comedy category either. It's not geared for people who want to watch funny cat or dog videos. It's got nothing to do with travel and leisure. It's not related to TV or music. Continue reading

Tell Me What You Think About This Attorney Video

Although the title says it's a parody, Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? (A Parody Lawyer Ad by a Real Lawyer), this lawyer is using this video to market his practice. If you were a consumer searching for an attorney and watched this video, would you feel compelled to pick up the phone and call? Continue reading

3 Reasons Why Smart Lawyers Use Video to Market Their Law Firms

To generate calls to their office To stand out from all of your competitors To teach and educate your consumers 1. The reason why attorneys want to use video is to increase the chances that someone will call their office to hire them instead of other competing attorney. Continue reading

Lawyer Bloopers

How often do you see an attorney poking fun at himself? I guarantee it does not happen often. Most lawyers project a very stuffy and formal image. They do not want their prospective clients or colleagues to think they are anything less than professional. Continue reading

How to Melt Down Your Video Camera

Have you ever been driving a car and had the engine overheat? Have you ever had to pull over your car to put coolant into your engine because it was overheating? I never thought the same thing could apply to a video camera. I was wrong. Continue reading

Zappos Has 60,000 of Them. How Many Do You Have?

I'm talking about the number of videos Zappos created this past year alone. 60,000. They predict that next year they'll have 100,000 videos online to market their products. Continue reading

Your Law Firm is Doomed If You Don’t Have Video

Yes, I will be the first to say it now. Your law firm will become obsolete if you do not adapt and put video on your website. Come back with me a few years. Why did you create a website? Because other lawyers were using new technology to ‘get their name out there’, right? You didn’t want to be left behind. Why did you join Facebook? Everybody was doing it and you realize it’s not just hype to be on FB. The social implications are huge. Same for Twitter and LinkedIn. Continue reading

Lawyers: Do Not Attempt To Create Video On Your Own Until You Watch This Video

"Objection, your honor...he doesn't know how to create video on his own!" Lawyers love making objections. Watch the video to learn about a common objection to hiring an experienced video production company and see why their objection is OVERRULED. (And there's no right of appeal either!) Continue reading

Attorney Video: Why Does It Work So Well?

Watch this quick video that explains why attorney video works. Lawyers who recognize how useful video is to market their law firms understand the incredible opportunity to create a message one time, have it targeted to their ideal clients and have it play over and over for no additional cost. Continue reading

Why I Shoot Video on Vacation

You might think it a bit odd for a lawyer to shoot video while on vacation with his family. You might think it's strange for an attorney to take his video camera gear, microphone and tripod to a Caribbean family destination. You might even think it unusual that a lawyer would WANT to spend time teaching and showing his kids different ways to market a business using online video, and that's ok if you do. However, my family knows that I always take my camera gear when we go away. They know how important video is to market a law firm online. They see the results of my video marketing every day when I receive calls and emails from prospective clients raising their hand asking for more information about the topic I talked about in my video. Continue reading


New York Attorney Gerry Oginski is the leading expert on creating lawyer videos. He is the uncontested master of using video to generate new business for lawyers.

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