Lawyers: Adapt or Become Obsolete

That was the recurring theme at Chris Munley’s ATLAS seminar in Naples, Florida. Chris said it very clearly. “Adapt or your law firm will become obsolete.” Don’t believe me? Remember when carbon paper was the standard in law firms along with the IBM Selectric typewriter? How many law firms do you know use carbon paper today? (That’s where the cc: came from at the end of your letters; carbon copy). Continue reading

Attorneys: Should you create a video bio?

There's a lot of noise going on in the chat rooms on LinkedIn and some legal marketing sites debating the merits creating an attorney video bio. Big law firms are eager to get their attorneys to create a video biography about their credentials; who they are and where they came from. The midsize firms tend to position themselves on both sides of the fence and the solo practitioners see a video biography as totally useless. So Mr. or Mrs. Attorney; Which side of the fence are you more closely aligned with? Do you feel that having a video resume on your website is useful? Or are you closer to the solo practitioners who feel that nobody will watch a video that talks about yourself? Continue reading

Harsh Comments Are Great For Your Video

Many people believe that if a consumer leaves a bad review on their website, they should immediately remove it so other online visitors don't see it. I totally disagree. Think about why you created a website to begin with; to put information online to let viewers see who you are and what you have to offer. Think about why social networking is so popular today. We have instant communication with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you think about why social networking is so popular you'd understand it's because people are having conversations with each other about their lives, products and services. Continue reading

Why Aren’t You Getting Those High-Value Cases?

You advertise, right? You use TV, radio, newspaper ads, display ads, classified ads. You hold seminars and you develop a large referral base. Yet for some reason, you struggle to get those large, high value cases? Why is that? Many times I have been in the lawyers lounge in Court and hear attorneys complaining. What's their complaint? “If only I had a few million-dollar cases, then I would be on easy street.” Then they conveniently point to very successful law firms who appear to get these multimillion dollar cases out of thin air and look upon them with jealousy. If only they learned to figure out why those cases are attracted to those particular law firms like flies on a flytrap. Continue reading

Lawyers: Should you put your attorney marketing videos on CD or DVD?

In the “old days,” the answer would have been absolutely. In the old days, you would have put your content onto an audio cassette, preferably Memorex or some other high quality audio tape. You might even have tried to put an audio message onto an eight-track tape. Going back even further, if you had the money, you could have tried to put your audio message on a 33 RPM record. Ahh...those were the good old days. Well, the cassette tape along with the eight track tape have gone out the window. Film cameras have become antiques along with vinyl records. CDs and DVDs were the next hottest media to arrive. Everyone went from having a VHS VCR to having CD players. Then, DVDs came along with the much-hyped blue-ray. Standard definition video is so “old school” since now everything is high-definition video. Continue reading

Attorney Video: How to Become a Video Distributor

In the ‘old’ days, you would have to upload each video to each individual sharing site. Each site had their own forms, their own format and their own requirements. If you wanted your content on five different video sharing sites, it would easily take over an hour or more to upload just that one video. Every video must be given a title, a description and keywords. Thankfully, the ‘old days’ are gone. There are now programs and services that allow you to upload your video to one place and then that service shoots your video out to multiple sharing sites at once. You still have to optimize each video, but these services allow you the ability to upload once and distribute to many locations. Continue reading

Lawyers: How to Beat the Pants Off Your Competitors

First, take their belts away from them. (A little lawyer humor here.) Really. Strip away their marketing foundation and what do they have? People who are throwing money at different media in an attempt to be sexier, hotter and more provocative than the next lawyer. If you undress your biggest competitor's strategy, you will see sheer flimsy efforts to copy what others have done. Continue reading

Your Clients Expect To See You On Video

It's true. With the prevalence of YouTube and social media, your clients now expect to see you on video. How do you think that will make a prospective client feel when they come to your website and there's no video of you explaining to your viewer how you can help solve their legal problems? In three years, Google expects that 80-85% of all content online will be video based. If true, how do you set yourself apart from all of your competition? What makes you different from every single lawyer who does the same type of work they do? Do you know the answer? I'll give you a hint: (It's educational video.) Continue reading

Learn How One Video Resulted in a Settlement of $395,000

Most lawyers don't understand the benefit of using social media to market themselves online. When you say the words “social media,” most people naturally think of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Facebook is the 800 pound gorilla leading the way with social interactions. "You like me. I like you, and everybody likes each other. We're all friends. Isn't that nice?” Want to know what is king of all social media? The answer is video. Continue reading

What Type of Person Hires an Attorney After Seeing His Online Video?

Let's see... A person in need of legal help who does not know an attorney. A person who does not know a friend or relative who knows an attorney. A person who has never had a legal problem before. Question: What type of person chooses a lawyer the way they choose their plumber, by going to the yellow pages and picking the biggest ad in the book believing that they must be better than the other lawyers because they have a bigger ad? Answer: Continue reading


I just read Gerry Oginski's book this weekend, Secrets of Lawyer Video Marketing in the Age of YouTube. You wont find better "front to back" advice on using video to market your law firm anywhere.

Ben Glass
Founder of Great Legal Marketing and a practicing personal injury trial attorney in Fairfax, VA