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Unrecognized Bowel Perforation-NY Medical Malpractice Attorney Explains

You undergo surgery and after leaving the hospital you have continued complaints of abdominal pain. Thinking it's normal, you ignore it for a day or two but it continues to get worse. You call your doctor's office and are told it is normal postoperative pain. Despite taking pain medication and resting, you get weaker, and your pain gets stronger. If you're lucky, you'll get to an emergency room to be evaluated. When the doctors suspect that there is a hole in your bowel, you'll have to go back into surgery. If the contents of your bowel were leaking from a hole, you'll likely need to have part of your bowel removed and the remaining bowel sewn together. The failure to recognize a bowel perforation is often grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit in New York. If caught early enough, treatment can be effective although prolonged and distasteful. Those unlucky enough to get to a hospital on time, suffer the indignity of death from an unrecognized bowel perforation. Continue reading

New York Daily News blows the lid on cover-ups at New York City Hospitals

Cover-ups at New York City municipal hospitals including Bellevue hospital, Coney Island hospital, Elmhurst hospital, Harlem hospital, Jacobi hospital, Kings County hospital, Lincoln hospital, Metropolitan hospital, North Central Bronx hospital, Queens General hospital and Woodhull hospital are uncovered by the New York Daily News. Watch the video to learn more. Continue reading

Bicycle Safety Tips for New York Bike Riders and Drivers

If you bike ride you need to watch this brief video. Gerry offers practice safety advice for both drivers and bike riders here in New York.

For more information, go to Gerry’s popular and educational website, or contact Gerry personally at 516-487-8207 or by email at He welcomes your call.

What Types Of Cases Do I Handle?

In case you didn't know, this brief video explains exactly what types of cases I handle. Come watch. For more information, I strongly encourage you to explore my educational website , to learn about accident cases, wrongful death cases and medical malpractice cases here in New York. Continue reading

Emergency Room Malpractice in New York-Fall From Bed

Listen in as Gerry Oginski, an experienced New York medical malpractice, wrongful death and negligence trial attorney practicing law in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau and Suffolk counties and Long Island explains how he helped a woman who fell from her bed in an emergency room here in New York. Watch the video to find out what the hospital staff failed to do. Learn what injuries she suffered as a result of her fall. Continue reading

Lawyer Commercials in New York- What You Need To Know

"HAVE YOU BEEN INJURED? IF SO CALL THE LAW FIRM OF BLAH, BLAH, BLAH..." If you're inclined to call a lawyer who advertises this way, you need to watch this video and ask yourself what information this lawyer is providing to you. Ask yourself how this lawyer is different from all the other lawyers out there who advertise the same way. Become an informed consumer. When you ask the right questions, you are better able to decide for yourself whether this lawyer is the right one for you. Continue reading

Why Jurors in New York Should Be Allowed to Twitter

Find out why Gerry Oginski, an experienced New York medical malpractice and personal injury trial attorney believes that jurors in NY should be allowed to twitter during a trial. Currently, jurors are not allowed to talk to each other about the case until after they have received legal instructions from the judge. Likewise, attorneys and the litigants are also prohibited from talking to the jurors. Twitter allows us to see what a juror is thinking about the testimony. Watch the video to learn more. Continue reading

3 Reasons You Won't Hire Me

Learn the 3 reasons you won't hire me as your New York Medical Malpractice or Personal Injury Trial Lawyer. If you think the title of the video is a bit odd, you're right. Watch the video to find out why. Continue reading

How To Hire a Medical Malpractice Attorney in New York

Listen in as Gerry Oginski, an experienced New York medical malpractice and negligence trial lawyer practicing law in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau, Suffolk counties and Long Island, explains how to hire an attorney for your accident or injury case. Look carefully at any ad the attorney has. Ask yourself "What information is this lawyer providing to me that will help me decide whether this is the right attorney for me?" Do they provide free reports? Free books? Free video tips? What information do they give you? Continue reading

In Case of Death

Listen in as Gerry Oginski, an experienced New York wrongful death trial lawyer explains why he wrote the book "In Case of Death." Learn about wrongful death cases in NY from an insider who has practice law for more than 20 years. Find out when an autopsy is needed to determine the cause of death. Learn how to hire a wrongful death attorney and much more. Continue reading


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