2 Personal Injury Law Firms Accuse Each Other

In one corner is a well known personal injury law firm from Wisconsin. In the other corner is also a well known and respected personal injury law firm also from Wisconsin. A few years ago, both law firms faced off against each other in a way that lawyers had never envisioned. Here's what happened. Law firm #1 hired a company to start a Google Adwords campaign. It was an innovative campaign. Most lawyers simply try to use adwords to attract viewers to particular keywords like "accident," "lawyer," "attorney," "Wisconsin," and so on. Continue reading

Lawyers Video Studio-New January 2011 Newsletter Now Available

Learn how one really smart New York City Park Ave. law firm created video in the Lawyers Video Studio. Find out how many videos the Lawyers Studio put online last month alone. Learn about our lawyer referral program and how you can easily generate income with a single phone call. A quick reminder that lawyers who join our program get to take advantage of the ONLY video coaching group for lawyers in the country. Continue reading

2010 State of the Internet Address; Video Marketing for Attorneys

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the State of the Union for Lawyer Video. "My fellow attorneys, The state of affairs for lawyers who create video to market themselves stinks. Truly awful. Video quality has improved but content has gone down the drain. Four years ago the only type of lawyer videos that video companies created were "Look at me!" videos. Those videos simply were one intro video that did nothing more than say "Come to me because I'm great." Fast forward to the present day and lawyers have made leaps and bounds. Continue reading

Video Production Company Offers Awful Advice to Attorneys

I came across this website while searching the internet for attorney video production companies that offer useful services. Here's the advice they offer to their attorneys: Using a script, focus on your firm’s expertise and trustworthiness through testimonials and proven results. To successfully deliver your firm’s message, consider using examples and visual cues by showing footage of your firm’s lawyers working on behalf of clients. Demonstrate to your audience that your firm is the best fit for them. You may even want to debunk myths, such as the idea that clients cannot afford your services. Continue reading

Attorney Video Marketing: How to Become a Videographer

You've decided to change careers. You don't want to practice law anymore. You think it's more glamorous to shoot video. Ok, I'll admit it, the allure is there. It certainly is tempting. In order to show you how to become a videographer, I need to ask you some questions first: When was the last time you took video of anything? Maybe you shot video of Thanksgiving at your house with all your relatives. Maybe you were on the soccer field taking video of your six-year-old. Maybe you were at the aquarium with the dolphins. At least you have some level of experience. Continue reading

How Do You Know You’re Ready For Video?

Some attorneys will just know. Others will wait and watch what their colleagues are doing. Still others will never get around to picking their heads up from their work to wonder what all the fuss is about. Which lawyer will you be? I believe there are three kinds of lawyers. I happen to have been all three at different times in my legal career. * The workhorse * The rainmaker * The marketer The workhorse is typically an attorney who... Continue reading


In this month's ABA Law Practice journal magazine, the featured article is written by yours truly. The theme of this month's magazine is SMART MARKETING: IDEAS YOU CAN USE TO GET YOUR FIRM BACK IN THE GAME. Take a look and tell me what you think about the article. Continue reading

Lawyers Video Studio-Online Newsletter May 2010

Learn how really smart attorneys are using video to market themselves today. Read about two law firms who use their custom video channels to showcase and highlight their educational video messages. Read about Frank Kern's dumbest mistake ever. Find out why you don't want to be a videographer and learn all the technical mumbo-jumbo. Learn what two videos got Gerry Oginski a call from the Wall Street Journal and multiple wrongful death cases. Continue reading

Lawyers: Learn From Frank Kern’s Dumbest Mistake Ever

Frank Kern, in case you didn't know, is the biggest online information marketer anywhere. Truly. Anywhere. He's the man responsible for many multi-million dollar online product launches. Many of his own included. He's the one that most other online marketers follow. He clearly sets the standard for everyone else to follow. "Why the headline, and what does this have to do with attorneys creating video?" I'm glad you asked. I'm on Frank's email list (along with at least 400,000 other people) and I'm going to post it here so you see how important his comments are: Continue reading

I Just Watched The Coolest Video

It was a video of the inside of my heart, and I'm very pleased to tell you that it was still inside my body when I was watching it! I went for an echocardiogram this morning, which is a test that uses high frequency sound waves to image the heart. when I saw was nothing less than amazing. I watched my mitral valve move as blood was pumping through the different chambers of my heart. Continue reading


New York Attorney Gerry Oginski is the leading expert on creating lawyer videos. He is the uncontested master of using video to generate new business for lawyers.

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