gerry oginski

It took me 8 years to learn how to do this…

When I started creating videos to market my law practice, I had no clue what I was doing. Nobody did. In fact, when I first started creating educational videos, there was nobody in the country who was doing what I was trying to do. Continue reading

How Many Legal Marketing Videos Are Enough?

Lawyers want to know whether they only need to create a handful of videos. They want to know if they can stop after doing 20 videos. They want to know if they can stop after doing 50 videos. Continue reading

Do You Ever Watch Your Own Attorney Marketing Videos?

When creating great video to marketing your law firm, don't rely on your video company to do all that they're supposed to do. Watch the video yourself, Continue reading

Did you know that Google ‘rewards’ you for embedding YouTube videos on your web pages?

Years ago, the mainstream thinking was that you did not want to put a YouTube branded video on your own website. It meant that you were using a freebie service that you couldn’t and didn’t control. Continue reading

I Met a Camera Snob Today

My main videographer was unavailable and I opted for my second choice. He confirmed the shoot but the weekend before had to cancel because of a family medical emergency. To his credit, he gave me a list of 5 contacts Continue reading

Why would you want to use an interactive transcript for your attorney video on YouTube?

First, make sure you annunciate clearly when you speak on video. Slurring your words and using slang will not help. Second, skip the automatic computer-generated transcript all together. Instead, create your own 100% accurate, human-generated, word-for-word transcript and insert it instead. Continue reading

Attorney Video Marketing Tip: How Do You Generate Trust With Your Viewer in Less Than 60 Seconds?

I'll show you how I used attorney video to generate over $7 Million Dollars in settled cases from my little videos. Continue reading

They Didn’t Even Know Where the Video Links Went To

Every time I clicked on a link on their website, it took me out of their website and directly to a video on YouTube. That's right, they took the viewer/reader FROM THEIR WEBSITE and immediately delivered them RIGHT TO YOUTUBE. Continue reading

Lawyer Marketing: You Don’t Need Anyone’s Permission to Shoot Great Educational Video

Stop waiting for your friends and colleagues to start creating attorney video for your lawyer marketing efforts because by the time they realize they need to do it, they will be way behind the times and most of your colleagues and competitors will have tons of video already online working for them night and day. Continue reading

Lawyer Video Marketing Doesn’t Work

So many attorneys have been brainwashed to believe that advertising is the key to get new clients and business in the door. They've been told by so many advertising companies Continue reading


During the videotaping, you would stop and correct us when we needed correcting. During the videotaping, you let us go along on topics that you felt were interesting that may not be direct to the point but would capture our audience. When we were shy a topic, you threw one out at us. When we needed to be given direction, you gave us that direction. I can only say to anybody who’s considering Gerry Oginski for this process, that there should be no one else that you should consider.

Andrew Siegel
Siegel & Coonerty, LLP