A Cheap Marketing Ploy…What a Car Dealer Did to Annoy the Heck Out of Me

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3 Tips To Be Engaging in Your Great Attorney Marketing Videos

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NEWSLETTERS! Get Your Law Firm Newsletters Here! Do You Have One?

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Podcast Interview: Setting measurable goals and video marketing with Gerry Oginski

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Today’s Lawyer Video Marketing Blog Post is Really Short & Sweet…

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Why Create Educational Video to Market Your Law Firm?

Video allows a viewer the ability to see us, hear us and get to know us before they ever meet us. Being a great lawyer is only one key component to success. Learning how to market your law firm using video is the next key. You got paid to practice law. You were helping people solve their legal problems. You may have had mentors or experienced lawyers you could turn to for advice. However, most of you have never been taught how to get new cases. Most lawyers coming out of law school have no idea how to make it rain. Continue reading

We Don’t Do Attorney Video Bios & Here’s Why

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“Why Would You Go to a Legal Marketing Seminar?” an Attorney Asked Me Recently at Great Legal Marketing

In October, I attended a two-day seminar in Virginia called Great Legal Marketing run by Ben Glass, Tom Foster and Rem Jackson. During one of the breaks, a newcomer to this event asked me why I came to this seminar if I already know so much about video marketing and lawyer marketing. Continue reading


During the videotaping, you would stop and correct us when we needed correcting. During the videotaping, you let us go along on topics that you felt were interesting that may not be direct to the point but would capture our audience. When we were shy a topic, you threw one out at us. When we needed to be given direction, you gave us that direction. I can only say to anybody who’s considering Gerry Oginski for this process, that there should be no one else that you should consider.

Andrew Siegel
Siegel & Coonerty, LLP