Stop Worrying About the Number of Views on Your YouTube Attorney Video

counterI get lawyers all the time tell me they’re so focused on the number of views their video gets, that’s all they are concerned with.

They correlate the number of views with popularity. They think solely by being a popular video that will get people to call.

I tell them they’re wrong. Very wrong.

Having a popular attorney video does not correlate into your ideal clients converting from a viewer in to a caller. Sure it feels good knowing that lots of people are watching your video. Sure you get inner satisfaction knowing that with each passing day your video is getting more popular.

But if your video is not generating calls, it makes no difference how many people watch her video.

Your only goal when creating attorney video is to convert an online viewer into a caller.

Your goal is not to create a branding message. Your goal is not to show people how well you speak and how wonderful you are. Your goal is not so mom and grandma can kvell about you (it means to talk about you in glowing terms to their friends and family).

Your only goal is to convert an online viewer into a caller. Ideally, you want your ideal client to recognize that you have information that they want and that you are the only logical choice to answer their pressing legal questions.

I get a kick out of going to legal seminars where people talk about the number of views their attorney videos have gotten on YouTube. They compete with each other claiming “My video has gotten 126 views…”

“Oh yeah? My video has gotten 175 views…”

Besides being childish, this discussion is meaningless.

The only metric you should ever be concerned about is not how many views your video gets but rather how many people who watched your video converted into a caller. Then you want to know how many of those callers had valid cases.

My suggestion is to ignore the number of views your video is getting. If you’re generating a good number of views on your  great attorney video but people are not calling, then you need to re-examine your video content. That tells me that there’s a significant problem with what’s in your video.

Maybe your content is not interesting. Maybe it’s not compelling. Maybe you have no call to action. There are many reasons that would cause you to lose  a viewer.


If you need help figuring out what you’re doing  wrong, I encourage you to reach out to me. I can help.

I help attorneys across the country every single day create great educational video to market their law practices online. You can reach me at 516-487-8207 or by e-mail I welcome your call.

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