Stealth Research: 9 Things I Look For When Watching an Attorney Video

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I do a lot of research about attorney videos.
I watch a lot of lawyer video.
I can instantly point out what’s good and what’s not.
I can show you in 10 seconds how to improve a video.
I can reveal to you how and why a video has not been optimized.
I can identify whether a video company who posted a video knew and understood how to maximize the chances that a video will be found and clicked on.

Let me share with you 9 things I personally look for when watching a colleague’s attorney video:

  1. Is the headline compelling?
  2. Is the thumbnail image interesting or embarrassing?
  3. How does the lawyer start the video?
  4. Is it a real lawyer talking or a slideshow?
  5. How does the attorney interact with the viewer?
  6. How long is the video?
  7. What’s the call to action?
  8. What’s in the description box?
  9. Are they using 3 key SEO tactics that 99.9% of video companies fail to use?

As a seasoned medical malpractice trial attorney, I eagerly love to watch fellow attorneys on trial. I love learning what really smart attorneys do successfully at trial and importantly learn a lot from not so savvy attorneys who make mistakes during trial.

Remember, it’s important to learn not just what TO do, but even more important to learn what NOT to do. The same is true for lawyers who create educational attorney video.

As someone who has personally created over 750 attorney videos to market my own solo practice in one of the most competitive legal markets in the country and have created over 2500 videos for my Lawyers Video Studio clients I have a decent handle on what works and what doesn’t.

If you’d like a brief critique of a video you’ve created to market your law firm and would like a professional opinion about it, reach out to me and I’d be happy to give you my thoughts. All inquiries are confidential and I’ll also give you some tips on how to improve your video in the future.

Simply schedule a call at 1-800-320-4314 or by email: Make sure you include a link to your video that you’d like critiqued.

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We needed the assistance of someone who knew what they were doing. We can spend probably 10 times the amount of time today, creating 2 videos – let alone 50. So, I think when it boils down to it having someone like yourself who knows what they’re doing, has a system in place, and can really kind of work with you to get the videos flowing, get the content going – I think it’s definitely the way to go. I think you’d spend just too much time – too much energy – in trying to do it yourself.

Michael McGlinn
McGlinn & McGlinn, Attorneys at Law