“Steady Yourself, Man…Get a Tripod!”

Lawyers Video Studio tripod

Do you think you can hold your video camera steady for more than 30 seconds. You can’t. If you don’t believe me, try it. Try a wide angle shot and hold for 60 seconds without moving. Then zoom in on something in the distance and try holding it rock-steady for 60 seconds. It won’t happen.

Try videotaping your kid’s school play without a tripod and all you’ll see is the camera bobbing up and down. Step up to the plate and get yourself a tripod.

What tripod to get? There are hundreds of types. Lightweight aluminum to heavy steel ones capable of holding huge video cameras. They cost anywhere from $20 to thousands of dollars for the professional types.

I have two tripods. A lightweight aluminum one that weighs very little but is sturdy enough to take with me anywhere. The other is a monster of a tripod (pictured above) that I got when I was shooting video on the soccer field. You see, there’s something called ‘fluid-head’ tripods which are more expensive than ‘non-fluid-head’ tripods. When you move the camera from side to side (also known as panning), a tripod with a ‘fluid-head’ has a much smoother flow than one that does not.

Here’s what would happen on the soccer field. When I’d be shooting video and catching some fast-breaking action, I’d have to move the camera quickly from left to right. Without a fluid-head on the tripod, it’s like metal rubbing against metal and the motion is sometimes jerky and gets stuck. That’s not good for trying to get smooth panning action shots. So, I wound up getting a fluid head tripod which makes movements nice and smooth. The problem with moving up the ladder to a more advanced type of tripod is that the tripod weight goes up exponentially. This means that it is no longer easy or convenient to lug around when going on vacation. Instead, I opt for my lightweight aluminum tripod.

Whether you are shooting video of someone else, or shooting video of yourself, you must put the camera on a tripod. That is the only way you will get steady, even video that will allow a viewer to focus on your content instead of your camera techniques.

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