State of the Internet Address 2012; Lawyer Video Marketing Address by Attorney Gerry Oginski

Attorney Gerry Oginski, Founder of the Lawyers Video Studio gives the 2012 State of the Internet Video Address on Lawyer Video Marketing

As we reach the end of 2012 I want to take this opportunity to review where we, as a community of attorney video marketers, have been this past year and where we are going in 2013.

In today’s video, I want to give you an overall view of video marketing in the legal community. I want to reinforce the key principles that are so important to educate and teach our ideal consumers who are searching for information about our specific legal specialties. I also want to show you how and why video marketing works.

Lawyers who recognize the value and importance of creating great educational video content quickly outdistance their colleagues and competitors and allow their consumers and ideal clients to recognize that they have information that will help people actively searching for solutions to their legal problems.

As the Chairman of the Lawyers Video Marketing Alliance, I have had a great opportunity to see what lawyers across the country have created over the past year through video marketing.

I have seen really good video and I have seen really crappy video.

Unfortunately, most of the videos that I see a still are poorly done from a content standpoint.

The overall quality, from a technical standpoint has improved, however the content has not. There’s a big mismatch between the content that video companies want lawyers to create and what the attorneys want to put online, thinking it will help them market their law firms.

Too many lawyers and their video production companies are still focused on “Me, Me, Me.” In today’s video I share with you exactly why that type of thinking never works.

I also challenge you to do something that will, if implemented, dramatically change the way you create attorney video content online. Taking me up on that challenge will visibly improve your educational content.

We, as lawyers who use the online world to communicate with our ideal clients, have a greater purpose than simply to drive traffic to our websites and get calls.

We have a greater purpose to educate and teach the general public. That is one of the benefits of having this awesome tool available, since great attorney videos help people understand how the legal process works.

There is no other media available that enables us to do this on a regular, frequent and consistent basis. Not only do you establish your authority, but you do so in a way that is friendly, warm, engaging and naturally builds trust with your viewer.

Lawyers who learn these concepts will stand out far from their competitors as more and more video content is watched on a daily basis.

I am proud of what we lawyers as a community have been able to accomplish in such a short brief time using online video. I’m confident that as we continue into the year 2013 the efforts of a few will dramatically help shift the way others look at online video as a useful tool to help them market their law firms in today’s economy.

On behalf of myself and everyone here in the Lawyers Video Studio I want to wish you a happy holidays and a wonderful and prosperous new year that will bring you to new heights allow you to reach your goals.

Have a great 2013 year!

Best regards,


Lawyers Video Studio
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Great Neck, NY 11021

Phone: 1-800-320-4314

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Gerry is an absolute master at getting you to relax and speak to the camera in such a way that the clients – the potential clients – are going to be receptive to the message that you’re giving them. I decided to use video to market my law firm because YouTube is the second largest video search website on the internet, next to Google. And at some point in time, is probably going to overtake Google. So, I think it’s absolutely critical to have content out there to appeal to potential clients in your practice area. I would go to Gerry Oginski and really learn what a master in this area would do for you. Because it is absolutely clear that Gerry’s understanding of shooting video – in particular for personal injury trial lawyers- is so far beyond anybody else in this area that you would doing yourself a real disservice if you spent your money any other way

D. J. Banovitz
D. J. Banovitz, Attorney at Law