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How cool is that that YouTube thinks 12 of my videos are related to the one I have just watched? Unfortunately, I tend to believe that YouTube tends to skew search results for related videos based on the videos you have watched as well as your geographic location.

In case you didn’t know it, Google tends to do a similar thing. That’s why some attorneys I talk to tend to get over confident and cocky believing incorrectly that when someone does a search for their keywords their website consistently comes up in a great search position.

Google tends to use your geographic location together with your recent search results to tailor your search results. That can be a really good thing. However for attorneys who don’t know that’s what happens it can skew your understanding of where your website rankings really come up.

I have talked about spotlight annotations before, and if you are not using them you are losing a key opportunity to keep your viewer interested in your content before they ever get to the related videos grid at the end.

YouTube will typically show four or five of your own YouTube videos as being “related” before they start showing your competitors videos or unrelated videos.

While it is true that a viewer can click away from your video any time, the rationale behind spotlight annotations are that if a viewer is interested in your content and continues to watch until the end, then your goal is to try and keep them interested in other similar videos and content you have created.

Importantly, you can only link to another YouTube video. You cannot link outside of YouTube. Using this type of feature increases the chances that a viewer will want and consume more of your video content by showing them that you have great compelling video content for them.

The photograph in this blog post was taken just a few days ago and shows all 12 videos being related to the one that they just watched. It’s really cool when YouTube recognizes you have a lot of content on similar topics. When none of your competitors videos show up on related searches, you know you’re doing something right.


One of the really cool services we just added to our list of offerings is to create customized spotlight annotations for videos you already have online. To learn how you can take advantage of this great opportunity simply call Kathleen at 1-800-320-4314 and set up a call. Or send her an email to You’ll be glad you did.

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