Somebody Offered to Buy My Domain Today

NY Medical Malpractice Trial Lawyer, Gerry Oginski

I’m not talking about the domain for this blog, Instead, I’m talking about my medical malpractice domain That is the center of my online universe. It’s an established website with thousands of pages of content.

My gut reaction was “No way would I ever sell my main website.” I was  actually offended that someone would want to buy my personal domain.

Putting aside the ethical issues for a moment of having a non-lawyer own a lawyers web domain,  I began to ask myself, “Why would an entrepreneur want to buy a lawyer’s website?”

The answer is simple really. He wants to make money. He wants to monetize a site that is getting good traffic. He wants to benefit from somebody else’s knowledge, expertise and hard work. Plus, he’s willing to pay a good price for it too.

That prompted me to go into my analytics and look at my most recent statistics. I had not looked at my stats in a few weeks.  6,800 unique visitors this past month. Those are not “hits” or page views. These are people who came to my site and watched my videos, read my content, read the articles, free reports, blog posts and much more.

That number clearly pales in comparison to popular websites, news sites and video sharing sites. However, for a lawyer’s website, it’s actually pretty awesome. Especially in a field of law where we market to people who don’t necessarily need our services at this moment. I’m confident that the number of viewers next month will dramatically increase once again.

Getting back to the troublesome ethical issue of having a non-lawyer own a lawyer’s website, it brought me back to the old rule  in New York that says a non-lawyer cannot own any part of a law firm. my website is simply an extension of my law firm. Ethically, I do not believe a non-lawyer could own a lawyer’s website.

Having clarified that in my mind, I quickly began to think “How much would my website actually be worth and what inherent value doesn’t have?” The possibilities are endless.

Let me hear your thoughts about how you think someone could value your law firm website from both an economic standpoint and a goodwill standpoint. I’d love to hear what you have to say.  My reply to the offer to buy my domain: “Thanks, but no thanks.”

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