Should You Upgrade Your Video Equipment?

Chances are you have a video camera with flash memory. It will hold a memory card, maybe 8GB or 16GB. If you’re really on the cutting edge, you will probably have a Class 6, high capacity memory card.

As most of you know, tape-based video has gone the way of the 8-track (for those of you old enough to remember what 8-track is). It’s past it’s prime. Hard drive video cameras are in. Does that mean you should be upgrading your equipment every time a new camera comes out? No, unless you a technology geek that must have the latest and greatest equipment the moment it arrives in stores.

Are you one of many who waited anxiously at the Apple store for the iPhone4, or maybe even the iPad when it came out?

Let’s get something straight right now. If you have equipment that works and was bought within the last two years, stick with what you have. Work with what you have. Learn how to use your equipment properly before getting all hyped up with the latest and greatest new toy.

I’ll tell you what I do. I like to buy good equipment and use it till it no longer works. If it makes economic sense to fix it, I will. Otherwise, I’ll invest in new equipment. When my kids ask me why don’t I buy a new camera or new piece of video equipment, my response is always the same, “My current equipment works great, and I don’t need the most up-to-date stuff just because it looks cool.” Hopefully, I’ve imparted some wisdom to them with this statement.

As Dave Kaminski of Web Video University said recently in a great video he made, “People who focus on the video equipment have the wrong idea and don’t do well. Instead, focus on the content and work with the equipment you have.” I agree with him 100%.

Attorneys continue to focus on the equipment. Instead, focus on how to convert your online viewer into a caller using the video equipment you own already.

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Gerry – I can’t thank you enough for guiding me through what would have been a disaster had anyone but you been behind the camera. My power point slides somehow disappeared from my laptop when using the hotel wireless internet … or maybe it was my “fat finger.” In any event, I knew the stuff because I had been giving public seminars on the content for years. But I tend to freeze without a visual cue. So, without visual cues, the day could well have been a huge disaster. While my practice niche is Elder Law, not PI or MedMal, you were like a football or basketball coach; despite my usual stumbles without visual cues, you were successful in getting me to go beyond the stumbles to a successful video shoot. Many thanks for your coaching!

Richard Habiger