If Your Ideal Client Isn’t Looking For Attorney Videos Online, Should You Still Create Attorney Video To Attract Them to You Online?

If your ideal client is NOT looking for you online, why are you spending your time and resources to get them online to find you?

If your ideal client doesn’t search the internet or YouTube looking for information, then you SHOULD NOT create attorney video to market to that ideal client.

It’s that simple. Or is it?

The better question I have for you is “How do you know your ideal client isn’t going online to search for you?”

How do you know your ideal client or consumer doesn’t have a computer and searches the internet for information?

If you are basing this on what you “feel” or “believe,” chances are good that you’re wrong.

The best way to know what your ideal clients or consumers are doing is to either survey them by an independent third party, or the simpler approach is to ASK THEM!

If you ask them, they will likely tell you the truth. Then you can make an educated decision based upon actual data and not some perception of what you ‘think’.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs (attorneys included) believe they know their clients well. They assume their potential clients act based on their experience and presumptions. Lawyers routinely believe their potential clients act the way the attorney would and therefore if the attorney would never go online to search for a professional, then their educated potential clients would likewise do the same.


Stop thinking what someone would or might do. Instead, find out definitively.

Even if you ‘believe’ that your ideal client doesn’t go online to look for information about hiring a professional, you are still better off creating great educational attorney videos to teach those who do go online to learn more about you and what information you provide to your viewer.

You have to look at the bigger picture.

Find out exactly where your ideal clients go to get their information. Then create great educational attorney video content WHERE THEY LOOK. Remember, it doesn’t have to be online.

If you create attorney videos and put them on a DVD, you could then create an ad in a MAGAZINE (you know that’s an offline media, right?) and have a call to action for your ideal client. Get it? Lots of different ways to market to your ideal clients using attorney videos. You just have to learn how.

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2 Responses to If Your Ideal Client Isn’t Looking For Attorney Videos Online, Should You Still Create Attorney Video To Attract Them to You Online?

  • joel denning says:

    Yesterday I met a client who drove Virginia from because she googled my geographical area and felt that she knew me because she could see me and hear me talk. Educational video is a must. Today I have a new client from my website, I have to confess I have not been setting the world on fire in terms of everything that you teach, I am working on some new ones as we speak. Almost Everyone goes online to find goods and services.

  • Excellent. Glad to hear it’s working for you Joel! Love to hear these stories.

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I think we shot at least 50 videos in one day, which to me was amazing. That was probably the thing I was most nervous about when you said we were going to shoot 50 videos, I thought we would be here until midnight and it’s well short of midnight when we finished. So I’m really pleased with the amount of work that we got done in one day.
I would say call Gerry. He’ll spend the time with you on the phone to talk to you about what he does. It’s not a hard sell.

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