Should You Put Your Attorney Videos on DVD?

You go through a lot of trouble, effort and energy to create great video content. You eagerly put your videos on YouTube and other video sharing sites online. Your goal is to get viewers who are searching for you to find you, find your content compelling and to convert into a caller after watching your educational attorney videos.

Should you also take those same videos and put them on DVD?

Before answering that question, you have to ask yourself a series of other important questions.

  1. Are DVDs still relevant today and do people watch them?
  2. Who would be getting your DVDs to watch?
  3. Why would your ideal consumer want to watch your attorney videos on a DVD instead of on a computer or a smart phone or a tablet?

As with all strategies, before going ahead and implementing any one of them, you have to understand the psychological mindset of the person who’s going to benefit the most from this particular strategy.

Assuming you are trying to attract ideal clients to your business or law practice, you have to look at the demographic and ask yourself whether those people routinely watch DVDs.

If they are the ‘younger generation’ who are growing up using iPods,  ipads and iPhone’s, you may find it difficult to accept that they have no interest in watching DVDs except for an occasional movie when they cannot get it on-demand.

However, DVD technology is still useful and in great abundance. The cost to create DVDs are relatively inexpensive.

Giving a potential new client attorney videos on DVD along with other useful information can close the deal and reinforce the fact that you are the go-to expert for that particular legal problem.

However, let me jump back to the demographic question.

My 14-year-old daughter has an iPhone. It has Siri on it. It has voice dictation. She never uses it.

Surprisingly, the iPhone can also be used as a telephone to communicate voice messages to someone on the other end! This concept of actually speaking to a person on the other end seems foreign to my teenage daughter. When I ask her why she doesn’t use this function on her smartphone, she replies that it’s easier and quicker to text.

Keep that thought in mind when you answer the question whether your ideal consumer will watch your attorney videos on DVD.

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