Should You Hire Your Deposition Videographer to Create Your Attorney Video?

videoebtOf course you can. Whether you should is a totally different story.

Your deposition videographer will have all the necessary equipment. He’ll have a nice camera and professional microphones. He will have the ability to digitize each frame and mark every word, sentence and phrase at the appropriate time marker.

Your deposition videographer will usually have a generic grey or black background to place behind the person being videotaped. The camera shot will be fixed and the person being questioned will not be moving around.

Your deposition videographer will know how to set the exposure and the ISO settings on the camera depending upon what the available lighting is like in the room. It is unlikely that your deposition videographer will come to a deposition with his own set of external lights.

Your deposition videographer may know how to edit the video. In most instances however, there will be no editing done since all parties want a clean unedited version of the video from start to finish. As you get closer to trial and begin prepping for trial, you may have your technical people edit segments of the video to be used for trial.

Ask your videographer if he edits video on a regular basis and can add graphics. Ask your videographer if he publishes video to YouTube for the purposes of marketing lawyers and their law firms. Ask if he knows how to optimize your videos to attract your ideal clients and consumers.

He just might have this great knowledge.

Before you jump the gun and hire your deposition videographer to shoot your great educational attorney video, ask him if he knows who your ideal clients are. Ask him if he knows what compels a viewer to pick up the phone and call you instead of your competitor. Ask him if he knows how to make you stand out from the crowd of other attorneys who are also creating video to market their law firms.

Ask him if he knows about framing the shot and staging the background. (He probably will.) Ask him if he knows how to motivate you to create 50+ videos in a one-day video shoot. Ask him if he knows what content you should be talking about that will attract your ideal clients and consumers. Find out if he knows what the ethical rules are so that when you are discussing something on video he can stop you and prevent you from saying something you shouldn’t be talking about.

Ask if he knows how to maximize the chances of getting your videos found. Does he know how to create spotlight annotations? Does he know how to create a clickable link from within your YouTube video to your own web site? Ask him if he knows why it’s so critical to create an accurate word for word transcript for SEO purposes.

I’m sure your deposition videographer is excellent at what he does. However, if he cannot answer the questions above to your satisfaction, you might seriously want to reconsider who to hire to create great educational attorney video to market your law firm today.


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