Shooting Video; “What’s In It For Me?” Asks the Attorney

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Let me give you an exact idea of what’s in it for you.

Some lawyers think that shooting video to market their practice is just another fad. Some lawyers think it is demeaning to advertise. Other lawyers look around and recognize the landscape has changed dramatically and if they don’t do something to change, they’ll soon become obsolete.

The key question with any advertising is not just “What’s in it for me?” but “Which marketing campaign will give me the best return on my investment?”

In order to answer the title of this post, I need to ask you a few questions.

  1. With your current marketing strategies, are you getting prospective clients to like you and your law firm? (And I mean “Like” in the traditional way, and not the Facebook way.)
  2. Do your prospects develop a close knit bond with you, before they ever meet you?
  3. Do your prospective clients trust you before they walk into your office and physically meet you?
  4. Have any potential clients walked into your office, told you that they feel like they have already been in your office before and that they already know you, like you and trust you?

The answers to those questions will be most revealing. In all likelihood, new prospects who are coming to your office through some form of marketing or advertising campaign will be unable to get to know you, like you or begin to trust you unless you are using video.

Shooting, editing and publishing your video is not what’s in it for you. Instead, it is the opportunity to get prospective clients to begin to like you, trust you and want your services without you ever having met them in person before. There is simply no other media available today that allows you as an attorney to develop this type of bond with your viewer.


If this sounds interesting, I strongly recommend you learn more about my Total Online video Success Program and what it means to create 50 videos in a one-day video shoot.

If you would like to get started creating an entire video library that helps your ideal clients get to know you, like you and begin to trust you, then contact my production manager Kathleen at 1-800-320-4314 or by e-mail to get started.

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He is the solo practitioner that pretty much dominates the web for anything medical malpractice in New York, and frustrates the hell out of all the “big guys” that spend millions and millions of dollars. He’s tenacious, he’s very good at what he does, and he’s just “killing it”. In fact, he’s actually beating me in a lot of categories for video for lawyers. He is organized and methodical as both an attorney and as a video master. I would advise anybody that’s looking to do videos to talk to Gerry about his services.

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