Shooting Video on St. Maarten with Attorney Video Marketing Expert Gerry Oginski-Part 3


Le Galion Beach, St. Martin with Joseph, Shari, Jake, Mia & David

Johnny B. Goode, Special Reporter to the Lawyers Video Studio- Part 3

We’re now getting into a routine. Gerry’s kids like to sleep late. Gerry and his wife get up early and go for an aggressive walk to start the day pumping.

Turns out he doesn’t shoot video every day. I was wrong. In fact, I was under the impression on the plane that Gerry pulls out his equipment every day and shoots video.

“No way. I’m having too much fun doing things and exploring places,” Gerry answers. “I have to be in the mood and the stars and sun need to align when my kids are relaxing so I can comfortably take the time to focus on myself and my content. I can’t do it if I’m getting interrupted every five minutes.”

Gerry does ask his 14 year old daughter and his 10 year old son to help him set up his equipment and shoot with him. Although they express a willingness to do so after breakfast, it’s apparent they have better things to do with their time like head to the pool for some fun.

“No big deal,” Gerry says. They’ll participate later.

Gerry grabs his backpack filled to the brim with all of this video equipment and yells out to me “Let’s go! It’s shoot time.”

I’m curious. He’s wearing a t-shirt, shorts and sneakers. He’s just grabbed his wheeled backpack that weighs an awful lot. As we’re heading out the door, I ask “Are you going to be wearing that to shoot your video?”

He looks at me, then looks at his shirt and says with a smile, “Do you think it’s too dressy? Should I tone it down a bit?”

I don’t know whether to laugh or suggest he get some other clothes. I decide to say nothing. So, I just nod as if I understand.

“Where are we going?” I ask.

“There are two places in the resort we can shoot during the day that are both really quiet. Let’s go look at them and check out the lighting conditions.”

I noticed that Gerry doesn’t have any external lights with him. “Don’t you bring lights with you to shoot outdoors?”

“Not when I’m on vacation,” Gerry replies. “It’s way too much of a hassle and I don’t want to get bogged down with all the equipment. I can improvise and shoot outdoors most of the time, as long as there’s no direct sunlight.”

“Is direct sunlight bad for your video?” I ask.

“Absolutely. It’s like a powerful spotlight shining right on you. Especially at mid-day. Much better to have some cloud cover to get diffuse sunlight that spreads over you evenly and softly,” Gerry answers.

We arrive on the second floor by the conference center and start to walk around. Gerry puts his backpack down and he begins to observe. I ask him what he’s looking for.

He says “Don’t look. Listen. Close your eyes and tell me what you hear.”

I hear the air conditioner vent overhead. I hear a door opening and closing. I hear the clip-clop of someone with sharp heels walking on a tile floor.

Gerry then says “Keep your eyes closed and now tell me what you hear.”

I hear the echo. I hear the sound he just made reflected off the wall and floor. I hadn’t noticed that when we walked down this hallway just a moment ago.

Join me next when I continue explaining what’s happening as Gerry scopes out the right place to shoot his video.

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