What Could I Possibly Say in My Legal Marketing Videos to Generate More Than 16,000 Views per Month?

Gerry's YouTube video stats for the past 30 days.

Gerry’s YouTube video stats for the past 30 days.

I just checked my YouTube stats.

As I always say to attorneys, the number of views are meaningless. If a video has only 5 views and 5 people with valid cases call you, I don’t care that it generated only 5 views.

If your legal marketing videos are generating views, you must correlate that with the actual number of callers to your office who called as a direct result of watching your videos.

You must also determine if there is viewer engagement on your videos.

What does that mean?

  • It means that viewers are interacting with your content.
  • It means they are leaving comments.
  • It means they are asking questions.
  • It means they are eager for a reply.
  • It means there is a discussion going on on your video page.

If your videos do not generate  viewer engagement, there is likely a disconnect between what you are saying in your videos and what viewers are searching for.

Today was the first time that my YouTube analytics showed that my videos are watched more than 16,000 times in a given 30 days. The exact number was 16,278 views. These are all organic views. Not spam. Not paid views. Organic. Natural.

 I will share with you what I don’t say my videos…

  • I don’t talk about myself.
  • I don’t talk about my law firm.
  • I don’t talk about how many years I have been in practice.
  • I don’t talk about how much I really care.
  • I don’t talk about how I fight for injured victims rights.
  • I don’t talk about how I am a serious attorney.
  • I don’t talk about how I only handle serious cases.
  • I don’t talk about parking at the office.
  • I never talk about my competitors by name.
  • I never talk about the law, with one exception.

When you take away all the things I don’t talk about, what the heck could I possibly talk about that would get these people to watch my videos?

I’ll give you a hint…

I teach them things they didn’t know. I educate them. I help them understand how their cases work.

This is exactly what I do for the attorneys who create video with me in the Lawyers Video Studio. By the way, in case you didn’t know, there is no fixed “studio” in which to shoot your video. We shoot video anywhere in the country. Many times, I have attorneys fly in from across the country to New York to shoot a few hours of video with me.

Let me give you a perfect example…

Two weeks ago a really smart criminal defense attorney from California took the redeye from LAX to JFK and landed at 5:30 AM. I had car service pick him up and take him to the hotel where we were shooting his videos that morning.

By 7:30 AM we had started his video shoot. By 11:15 AM he had finished creating 20 videos. He was on a flight back to LAX at 2:15 PM and had arrived home in Los Angeles at 7:30 PM.

That attorney, and every lawyer who participates in my program is taught how to create a compelling message. They are taught what information their ideal clients want and need. They are taught how to package and present their material in a way that is engaging and interesting.

If you want to know more about what  I say that get people to watch my videos, I invite you to watch some of my videos and see for yourself.

  • Ask questions in the comment section.
  • Tell me what thought in the comment section.
  • Share the video on your social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Go ahead. I dare you.

It will be eye opening.

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During the videotaping, you would stop and correct us when we needed correcting. During the videotaping, you let us go along on topics that you felt were interesting that may not be direct to the point but would capture our audience. When we were shy a topic, you threw one out at us. When we needed to be given direction, you gave us that direction. I can only say to anybody who’s considering Gerry Oginski for this process, that there should be no one else that you should consider.

Andrew Siegel
Siegel & Coonerty, LLP