The Perils of Shooting Attorney Marketing Videos in Flip-Flops

Attorney Gerry Oginski shooting video in jeans.

Attorney Gerry Oginski shooting video in jeans.

I never imagined this could happen.

I was outside our condo on vacation in Sanibel Island Florida. I was creating great educational attorney marketing videos to market my law firm. It was 7:30 a.m. and nobody was around.

It was peaceful. It was serene.

There were clouds providing shade to the bright sun at that early morning hour. I was dressed in what I usually wear when shooting video…

A white button down dress shirt and a tie, shorts and my flip-flops.

Think about that image. It’s pretty funny when you think about it. It looks totally weird if you walk by and see my camera gear all set up and yet I’m very casual with my shorts and flip-flops.

The reality is that a viewer is only going to see me from my waist up. It was 80° outside at 7:30 in the morning. I really didn’t care what any passerby’s thought if they saw what I was wearing.

As a side note, you should’ve seen how I looked when I shot video wearing my tuxedo in my backyard. From the top up it looked as if I was wearing a full tuxedo. What the viewer didn’t see was that I was wearing shorts and sneakers underneath. That was hilarious.

Anyway, while shooting these videos, the battery on my camera ran out and I needed to swap batteries. As I opened the battery compartment to the camera, the battery dropped and hit my foot causing sharp and agonizing pain. I quickly swapped out the batteries and put the depleted one in my camera bag. When I went to reset my camera for the next video, I looked down and noticed that my toe that had just been assaulted by my camera battery was now bleeding.

This was the first time my camera gear has cause bodily injury to me.

That prompted me to grab a tissue to stem the flow of blood and then rinse off my foot with a bottle of water I had brought to quench my thirst.

I didn’t know it at the time, but when I returned home and began editing my videos, I noticed that an early riser decided to have a a little fun at my expense while walking in the background on the dock leading to the beach. Watch the video below to see if you can point out what the viewer did to poke fun at my expense.


The moral of the story: Either don’t wear flip-flops when shooting video, or the preferable one is to catch the battery when swapping it out.

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