The Official Lawyers Video Studio Guide to Creating Bad SEO for Attorney Video

18 Ways to Creating Really Bad SEO’d Lawyer Video

  1. Create a really boring headline
  2. Make sure your headline has .mp4 at the end
  3. Don’t include your geographic area in the headline
  4. Use | pipes | to | separate | your | words in the title
  5. In your description, insert a transcript
  6. In your description, include only two lines of text
  7. In your description, don’t include any links
  8. In your description, don’t use the full 2000 words available
  9. Don’t include your address
  10. Don’t include your phone number
  11. Don’t include your website link
  12. Don’t include your keywords
  13. Stuff keywords into your description
  14. Put your video into the entertainment category
  15. Use 40 keywords and tags
  16. Don’t use spotlight annotations
  17. Don’t include a word-for-word transcript
  18. Don’t repeat your title at the end of the description

Well, that’s just a few things that will guarantee you create really poorly optimized attorney video that is rarely found, rarely watched, rarely watched till the end, rarely compels a viewer to call and guarantees that your time, energy and resources will have been wasted.

I hope you found this blog post compelling, sarcastic and eye-opening. If any of those things resonate with you because you or your video company have inadvertently done them, you need your videos fixed…now. Reach out to me and let me help you fix them.

I can’t fix them or help you create new ones unless you call.

I can’t read your mind.

You need to take the first step and call me. 516-487-8207.

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