The Official Lawyers Video Studio Guide to Creating Bad Attorney Video

40 Things You Must Know When Creating Bad Lawyer Video

  1. Talk about things your clients don’t want.
  2. Talk about your credentials
  3. Talk about your motivation for becoming an attorney
  4. Shoot video against the wall
  5. Shoot video in front of a legal bookcase
  6. Don’t introduce yourself
  7. Don’t smile
  8. Look off camera as if you’re giving a (fake) interview
  9. Shoot video in a moving car with distracting images
  10. Have really sappy and heart pulling music play in the background
  11. Use green screen
  12. Make sure you don’t use external lighting
  13. Only use your on-board microphone
  14. Shoot your video in standard definition to save space on your memory card
  15. Title your video “My great video.mp4”
  16. Put your video on YouTube using the wrong category
  17. Put a transcript in the description box
  18. Don’t use a human to create a 100% accurate transcript
  19. Don’t create a blog post to supplement your video
  20. Don’t embed your video on other web pages
  21. Don’t use social media to promote your video
  22. Don’t tell your list about each new video you created
  23. Don’t tell a story in your video
  24. Be boring on camera
  25. Make sure you don’t have a call to action
  26. Make sure you sound like a used car salesman (no offense to used car salesmen)
  27. Also, make sure you use cliches like “If you’ve been injured…pick up the phone and call.
  28. Make sure you tell your viewer how many combined years you and your partners have been practicing law (a total of 238 years combined is a compelling argument to call you)
  29. Use the same topics that your competitors have used in their videos
  30. Don’t use a tripod when shooting video. Viewers love that ‘shaky’ natural look (assuming they don’t vomit after watching your nausea inducing video)
  31. Don’t talk clearly. Make sure to mumble.
  32. Only create video less than one minute because video companies tell you that a viewer has the attention span of a gnat
  33. Make sure you come across as a pushy salesman
  34. Pretend you’re doing a TV commercial and simply post it on YouTube
  35. Don’t bother editing your video…your viewer will never notice the flubs and bloopers
  36. Don’t create clickable links on your video
  37. Make sure you don’t share your video with anyone
  38. Make sure you don’t respond to comments left by viewers on your video
  39. Do not subscribe to any other lawyer’s YouTube channel
  40. Whatever you do, never leave your own comments on someone else’s video.

Well, that’s just a few things that will guarantee you create really bad video that is rarely found, rarely watched, rarely watched till the end, rarely compels a viewer to call and guarantees that your time, energy and resources will have been wasted.

I hope you found this blog post compelling, sarcastic and eye-opening.

If any of those things resonate with you because you have inadvertently done them, you need your videos fixed…now. Reach out to me and let me help you fix them.

I can’t fix them or help you create new videos unless you call. I can’t read your mind. You need to take the first step and call me. 516-487-8207.

P.S. I promise not to yell, scream or be sarcastic.

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2 Responses to The Official Lawyers Video Studio Guide to Creating Bad Attorney Video

  • You shouldn’t use a green screen?? Do Tom and Jim know this?? lol

  • Steven, you will notice that this is a sarcastic view of creating bad attorney video. There are some attorneys who use green screen technique very poorly. There are plenty of video companies that create excellent quality green screen video. The point I was making was that those attorneys who create on their own using green screen, are often nowhere near as proficient as experts like Jim and others.

    When an attorney tries to use green screen on their own and is not skilled at doing green screen effects, the video often will come out terrible. Remember, our consumers who are viewing these videos correlate our legal ability with the quality of our videos. If you have technical problems with your video, you have lost credibility points with your viewer and they will likely go elsewhere.

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