Nude Snorkeling; Marketing Your Lawyer Video

You think I’m kidding, right? Sort of.

You need to watch the video above to understand why the title “Nude Snorkeling” caught my eye. When you understand the psychology behind compelling and captivating headlines, you’ll immediately recognize the significance of how you can use that style of marketing to stand out from the crowd and to capture your viewers attention.

CAVEAT: Make no mistake. I do not advocate using hype or stepping over the ethical bounds for your state when doing any type of marketing. Rather, this should get your creativity flowing.

Watch the video to see what I mean.

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I think that video is the future and you’re looking 5 years down the road, I think that the importance of television and radio are going to diminish and the importance of internet is going to rise. I think that anybody seeking to get a competitive advantage in their market needs to take the initiative and work on that now. And this is an opportunity to get in ahead of the curve and gain a competitive advantage.

Steve Kramer
Kramer Law Firm