What if Nobody is Searching for Your Attorney Messages Online…Should You Still Create Video?

Who's looking for your legal services online?

Who’s looking for your legal services online?

The short answer is… (drum roll please)…it depends.

(What a lawyerly answer.)

Actually, if nobody is searching for the type of law you handle, then by no means should you create attorney video. That’s it. Wrap it up. Pack it in. Go home.

On the other hand, how do  you know that no one is looking for the type of legal services you provide?

Did you do a survey?

Did you do a split A/B test?

Did you do keyword research?

Did you do market research?

Did you evaluate what your competitors are doing online?

I guarantee that you haven’t even begun to scratch the surface to determine from a factual standpoint whether people are actually searching online for the type of law and cases you handle.

If you have done all the necessary research and have come to the evidence-based conclusion that no one is searching for your type of law online, then the answer to the question is simple. No. Don’t do it.

But, if your research reveals that there are people going online looking for specific information about their specific legal problem that you actually handle and solve, then again, you just answered the question.

The more important question for you to answer is, if people are looking online for your legal services,

What are you doing to provide them with great educational video content that shows them that you have great information that they need to know?

How long will it take you to create 50 videos or more to showcase your knowledge?

How much aggravation and frustration are you willing to experience to get your videos up and running by yourself from the time you read this article?

I know exactly how many videos I will have by the end of next week.

Certainly a lot more than I have today.

Currently, I have created 1,353 videos to market my solo practice in one of the most competitive markets in the country. You can see my videos here. I add more each and every day.

I know how frustrating it is to create video on your own. I know how little time you have to do this. I also know how useful video marketing is to our law firms today. Did you know that Cisco predicts that by 2018, 84% of all online traffic will be video? [Cisco, 2014 Complete Global Traffic Forecast for 2013-2018]

The Bottom Line…

If you’re looking to create great video content and get your videos up quickly, without any stress, hassle or aggravation, I encourage you to reach out to me to see if we’re good fit. You can reach me at 516-487-8207.

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Gerry is an absolute master at getting you to relax and speak to the camera in such a way that the clients – the potential clients – are going to be receptive to the message that you’re giving them. I decided to use video to market my law firm because YouTube is the second largest video search website on the internet, next to Google. And at some point in time, is probably going to overtake Google. So, I think it’s absolutely critical to have content out there to appeal to potential clients in your practice area. I would go to Gerry Oginski and really learn what a master in this area would do for you. Because it is absolutely clear that Gerry’s understanding of shooting video – in particular for personal injury trial lawyers- is so far beyond anybody else in this area that you would doing yourself a real disservice if you spent your money any other way

D. J. Banovitz
D. J. Banovitz, Attorney at Law