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I asked a question about newsletters. I belong to a Facebook group of attorneys who are motivated and support each other. They offer encouragement to each other.

I asked whether any of them are using hard-copy newsletters to market to their list.

I just wanted to do an informal survey and see who is and who isn’t using them. It’s a large group of attorneys here.

You should have seen the replies:

  • No.
  • No, only an email newsletter.
  • I used to, but got no response, so I ditched it.
  • I wouldn’t use hard-copy newsletters since I don’t want to kill any more trees and don’t want to spend money on postage.

Many of the attorneys had little to no success with their newsletter efforts.

There were one or two who created a 4 page newsletter that were quite impressive. Nicely done. Good layout. Interesting articles. They were getting good responses to their newsletters.

One attorney said she didn’t bother to capture people’s names and contact info and didn’t see a need to market to people who contacted her.

This was remarkable.

Having recently revised my own 8 page full color monthly newsletter, I wanted to learn what others were doing or had done.

For years (since Spring 2004) I have had a law firm newsletter. I started it doing a quarterly text-only newsletter. It was single sided. It had content nobody else had…a never ending fictional story about a guy who could predict the future, a trivia game, fun articles and information.

Thankfully, as I learned more about how and why to use newsletters, I changed and evolved with it.

You should know in those early years what I did to get the newsletter out.

  • I wrote it.
  • I laid it out using a Word document template.
  • I then printed it using our office color copying machine.
  • I then sat at our office conference table and folded it. Hundreds of copies.
  • When I was tired, I’d bring the rest home and sit at my dining room table trying to enlist my kids to help with this burdensome task.
  • I saddle stapled them.
  • I then put postage stamps on them.
  • I put mailing labels on them as well.

Looking back now, I realize what a waste of my time those tasks were. But I learned how to do it and appreciate why I need not spend my valuable time doing tasks that I can easily pay someone a few dollars an hour to get done.

Now, I send the articles and photos to my graphics designer. After edits, I approve it and it goes right to the printer with our updated mailing list. They send me the bill and I monitor the calls and emails from sending it out on a consistent basis.

Do you have a law firm newsletter you send out consistently?

If you do, show me. I’d love to see it and get added to your list.

If you’d like to see the newly revised NEW YORK INJURY TIMES newsletter I use, click here. (Be patient, it’s a large file.)

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