New Announcement: The Lawyers Video Marketing Alliance is Here!

Lawyers Video Marketing AllianceYou’re hearing about it here first!

The Lawyers Video Marketing Alliance is a collection of some very smart entrepreneurial legal marketing experts across the country. This panel has been hand-selected for their expertise and their knowledge of marketing.

You will instantly recognize each of them. Drum roll please…

Chairman of the Board: Gerry Oginski (Me)

Founding Members

  • Ben Glass (Great Legal Marketing)
  • Dave Frees (
  • Ken Hardison (PILMMA; Personal Injury Lawyer Management & Marketing Association)
  • Chris Munley (ATLAS)
  • Tom Foster (
  • Dale Tincher (ConsultWebs)
  • Mark Merenda (
  • Larry Bodine (Editor at
  • Harry Brockman (Partner, Lawyers Video Studio)

An Alliance is Born

You see, Dan Kennedy has advised that thought-leaders in an industry should be aligned in a trade organization, to set goals and industry standards. As you know, when Dan speaks, most everybody listens. I do. It is my opinion that each of the founding members here are leaders in the same industry. Each of us focus on lawyer marketing.

Our goal in creating the Alliance is to help our fellow lawyers. You might think from looking at our list that we compete with each other in certain legal marketing segments. That would be incorrect. In fact, each of us has carved out an entire niche within the legal marketing world. Each has their strengths.

Your goal is to use the information from our Alliance and implement what you learn. Those lawyers who implement tend to be the most successful. By providing you with tools that will help you become better marketers of your legal services you will improve. It’s not a question of if, just when.

Consistently implementing tips, strategies and techniques that you learn from our Alliance will help you…as long as you make the effort to implement and invest in yourself. Absorbing useful information without applying it achieves nothing.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our new Alliance. In the future, you will see information, articles, videos and possibly offers from our founding members that you will find helpful.

My recommendation for 2012: Become a marketing student; learn as much as you can and implement even faster. We wish you good health for the coming year and a prosperous New Year for you and your families.


Chairman, Lawyers Video Marketing Alliance

Founder, Lawyers Video Studio

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