Are Negative Legal Video Comments Good For Your Viewers?

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I know a lot of attorneys who are terrified when someone leaves a negative comment on their video. I’ve seen some lawyers even turn off the comment section on their videos on YouTube.

I have seen lawyers physically remove negative video comments left on their videos.

These lawyers all want clean and sanitary comments that only praise the video and the attorney and these lawyers are afraid of people taking a different position than one they have talked about in their videos.

These lawyers and their marketing agents tend to be thin skinned. They tend to over-think implications for what these negative comments could have on another viewer who reads the threads below the comments.

Most fascinating to me is the fact that most attorney videos have little if any commentary. I find it fascinating that lawyers create videos without generating any controversy. I find it fascinating when a lawyer is talking about a recent case that came down from their highest court and fails to take a position to explain to the viewer which side he agrees or disagrees with. Those lawyers are losing out on great opportunities to engage their viewer in a conversation.

The lawyers who fail to discuss controversies and take a stand on one side or the other miss out on tremendous opportunities to teach and engage other viewers who come to their video and are now reading the comment threads below the video.

I always encourage attorneys to take a stand in any controversy they are talking about. Regardless of which side they choose, I have always believed that you should take a position and stick to it. Then, when people leave negative comments, as long as they are not divisive, racist, derogatory and offensive, I will always leave a negative comment on my videos even if I disagree with it.

I do that for the key reason that I now want to engage the viewer and educate him as well as all other viewers who come to watch this video in the future.

As an attorney who uses video to market your practice, you should never shy away from reaching out and educating the public by taking a stand and allowing people to make negative comments about you and the topic you are discussing.

I caution you never to engage in verbal sparring and name-calling. That will only lead you down the path of trouble and the hole you likely will not be able to dig out of.

Instead, use the negative comment to enlighten your viewer that the position you are discussing is, in your opinion, the correct one. Explain and acknowledge the fact that they are fully entitled to their opinion and you have no intention of changing their opinion.

This is a very important point to apply.

Take the time to acknowledge the viewer’s position without belittling it.

At the same time, explain why his position may not be correct or ideal. This way, you take the high road and all other viewers will immediately recognize that you have stood firm on your position, have acknowledged somebody else’s different opinion, and took the time to educate and teach which will gain you respect with viewers in the future.

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One Response to Are Negative Legal Video Comments Good For Your Viewers?

  • John Roberts says:

    I agree. Bland content doesn’t accomplish anything. At best, content that doesn’t commit to something worthwhile, or conclude with a well reasoned position or belief, leaves the viewer wondering “what was that about.” More likely, the viewer-reader isn’t going to sit through it if they can’t quickly understand where you are coming from, and what you are suggesting they do.

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