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YouTube Analytics for My Video Channel

The statistics you see in the photo at right is the number of views in the past month for my YouTube channel. 8737 views.  In one month. That’s pretty awesome.

“So what?” you ask.

That means that my videos are getting really good traction. It means people are searching for information. It means people are getting information from my videos. It means people are calling my office. It means people are scheduling phone consults to talk to me about their problems.

Lawyers who think that they can simply upload video to YouTube and leave it there without any additional input are fooling themselves. YouTube is a social media platform. Just like Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn. This platform happens to be interactive.

Why then do 99% of lawyers not interact with others on YouTube?

Smart lawyers and business owners who recognize that social interactivity on this platform is critical are the ones who are doing well. That means you must reply to questions and comments people leave on your channel. That means you should be following other smart people and interacting with them about their videos.

Most lawyers I talk to think that once they have posted their videos on YouTube, they need only sit back and wait for the phone to ring. This can happen and has been known to happen. However, your obligation, as an attorney who is educating your consumer and potential client, is to maximize the chances that your videos are found and recognized.

The party analogy

Imagine you go to a party with other lawyers and business owners. You take out a handful of your business cards and leave them on a table by the kitchen for people to find. You then walk away and leave the party. You have not engaged any of the people at the party and failed to learn anything about anyone there. Instead, you are relying on the ‘hope’ method that someone will find your business card, find it interesting, find it compelling and somehow give you a call to ask you for your services.

What if instead you spend time to talk to people in the room. Never once talking about what you do. Rather, asking about others and learning what they do. But at the end of your conversation when you politely ask for their card, don’t be surprised if they reply and ask for yours. How much more interesting and fruitful do you think those interactions would be than simply leaving your cards by the table?

The same thing applies for your videos on YouTube. You cannot just leave them sitting there. You have to begin conversations and enter conversations that are already going on. Doing so will dramatically improve the number of viewers who watch your videos and the number of people who are interested in what you have to say.

Ask questions first. Listen intently. Then answer any questions they have.







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