MILOfest Video Testimonial

If you missed MILOfest this year, and only read about it from Facebook updates, tweets and blog posts from Ben Stevens, myself and a few others, take a look to see what Kathleen Mahoney had to say about the seminar. Then, you should ask Victor Medina how to sign up for next year’s seminar.

The video was taken when I was at MILOfest (Macs in Law Office) seminar in Orlando, Florida earlier this month.

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2 Responses to MILOfest Video Testimonial

  • Bill Cobb says:

    Wow! You really have a cool site. I found your site when I was reviewing the sites made by Headway Themes, subscribed to your email updates and so glad I did. You seem to have really taken your training with Dave Kaminski to heart and really used what you learned. I love your site and will be visiting often. Bill Cobb in Baton Rouge.

  • Hi Bill. Thanks for your kind words. Headway is a great theme and totally customizable w/o needing to know code. Also, for video tutorials and teaching, Dave Kaminski is the best and takes you through step by step so you really understand post-production well.

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I looked up what kind of production companies are out there producing the kind of videos that I was interested in. And really, I was dissatisfied with the vast majority of the videos that were out there. They were not what I was looking for – except for Gerry Oginski. We were looking for someone who understood our needs and yet had the expertise to be able to pull all of the necessary components of producing a video and getting it uploaded. Gerry was the one who stood completely head and shoulders above anybody else’s out there.

Jeff Helsdon
Oldfield & Helsdon, PLLC