Maryland Medical Malpractice Attorney Applies Lawyers Video Studio Strategies

Medical Malpractice Attorney Marcus Boston is tenacious. He’s eager. He’s energetic. Importantly, he implements ideas and video marketing strategies he’s learning from really smart people (us included!).

I am pleased to acknowledge Marcus for his consistent efforts creating great educational video to attract his ideal clients.

Take a look at his most recent video below.


Want help from someone who has generated $8.6 million in settlements from clients who came to me from simple little online videos? Reach out. Call me at 516-487-8207 or by email:

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One Response to Maryland Medical Malpractice Attorney Applies Lawyers Video Studio Strategies

  • Marcus Boston says:

    Gerry thanks a lot for the kind words! You do a great job with your videos. To those who are looking to start using video to get their “perfect client,” I strongly suggest you contact Gerry and use the techniques he teaches at The Lawyers Video Studio…they work!!!

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One thing I like about Lawyers Video Studio, is that it is work that is done largely by a lawyer – Gerry Oginski – who knows about law practice. He knows about clients, he knows what’s important to clients, and what kind of information is important to communicate. He’s also very technically astute and he has good technology and good people working with him, who have been very helpful in filming the videos that I have participated in. Gerry was very helpful in providing me with guidance on the tempo and how to present the subjects. I find Gerry’s guidance and direction to be very helpful. He helped me to think through what it is that the client needs to hear, what their perspective is, and to really focus the information on the audience. I would say that their process has been very useful, it’s been very informative. I feel like I have been very well guided in terms of how to go about the video process, how to think up the topics and how to present them. I would recommend Gerry Oginski’s video service.

Rich Beem
Beem Patent Law Firm