Marketing Headquarters at Oginski Central Following Hurricane Sandy in New York

Oginski Central- Marketing Headquarters; The place to sleep post-hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy destroyed homes, lives and property here in New York and Long Island. Other parts of the East Coast did not fare well either.

We are now without power for 9 days straight and the temperatures have dropped to 38 degrees. Although we have hot water at home, the temperature in our house hovers around 47 to 53 degrees during the day.

This makes staying at home extremely challenging and impossible to sleep at night. It also means that our kids have been out of school for a week and a half while our town seeks to rebuild and get our houses powered up again.

We decided to camp out in my electricity-supplied office. We set up cots, brought blankets, pillows and snacks and turned my working office into a campground. Little did I know that my landlord automatically shuts the heat off at night.

My secretary came into work this morning to find our family scattered throughout my office, my son still sleeping. Trying to get my marketing work and legal work done was challenging.

For those of you with friends who are experiencing life-changing natural disasters, I can offer you two suggestions of what to do for them:

  1. Send them non-perishable foods including snacks. Energy bars work well. Send them a case or two of water. That will be much appreciated. You can use your favorite online store to send it. (Make sure you have their correct address!)
  2. If the weather is cold, send them blankets, jackets and flashlights with fresh batteries.
One week later, we’re also dealing with a follow-up Nor’ Easter, dumping cold rain, 40-50 mph winds and some snow. Ahh…can’t wait for winter!
BTW, I asked my landlord to keep the heat on at night until power is restored to my home. He agreed!


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