5 Ways To Help Your Prospective Clients- Guest Post by Jim Palmer, The Newsletter Guru

Fishing for Leads with Information?

by Jim Palmer

If you’re doing a good job of getting known, your potential customer should know a lot about you. They’ll probably contact you when they’re ready to buy what you’re selling. But why leave it to chance? After all, your prospects are being inundated every day with thousands of marketing messages.

Some businesses offer “free estimate” services that connect them with people who are considering a purchase. Companies that sell flooring, remodeling, and similar products and services are examples.

My cousin is in the home remodeling business. He often delivers appliances to homes for local merchants because it gets him into the homes of potential customers. He will often engage the homeowner about kitchen remodeling and leave behind a brochure. A great example of guerilla marketing.

If that’s you, make it easy for people to request an estimate. Mention it in your newsletter. Put a form on your web site. Link to the web site from your email. The easier it is, the more likely people will use it.

Here are some common ways to give prospects some information.

Offer them an article. If I were still in the bicycle shop, I’d offer articles on particular kinds of biking and on specific local trips. I’d write an article for parents about “Biking with Children.”

Offer them a tip sheet. Something like “Six Things Every Homeowner Must Know about Kitchen Remodeling” or “12 Ways to Save Big Money on Your Next Vacation” will do the trick.

Offer them answers to frequently asked questions. You know what these are because you answer them all the time.

Offer them a checklist. It can be something like a “Home Safety Checklist” or a “Small Business Tax Filing Checklist.”

Offer them a guide or planner. Wedding planners and vacation planners and guides to college scholarships or healthy eating are examples.

Jim Palmer is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and coach. He’s been called the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur and is the founder and president of Custom Newsletters, Inc. Jim is known internationally as “The Newsletter Guru,” his companies include No Hassle Newsletters, NewsletterPostcards.com, The Newsletter Guru’s Concierge Print and Mail on Demand Service, StandOUT Ezines, and Super Affiliate Pages. Jim is a cancer survivor, has been married for 29 years and has four grown children. He lives in Chester County, Pennsylvania with his wife, Stephanie, and their cat, Linus. For more resources and information on Jim, visit www.TheNewsletterGuru.com.

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One Response to 5 Ways To Help Your Prospective Clients- Guest Post by Jim Palmer, The Newsletter Guru

  • Keeping it relative,
    Offering information or tips to potential customers is a fantastic way to gain new business! Personally I think it’s better to stay in your lane of skills/products. Whatever your business is, let your tips or information reflect that of what you do, it will remind the potential customer why they should even take your advice in the first place.

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