Legal Marketing Videos- The Risk of Creating a Highly Polished Video

Yes, there’s a risk of creating a highly polished and overly produced legal marketing videos.

What’s the risk?

  • The risk of turning off your viewer.
  • The risk of appearing to be unapproachable.
  • The risk of appearing condescending.

There’s a risk of being too slick.

There’s a risk of not connecting with your viewer.

Let me give you an example…

A large, prominent personal injury firm just created a series of videos. They were produced in their in-house video studio. The attorneys were dressed in a corporate fashion.

  • They had a 3 camera set-up.
  • They were reading from a teleprompter.
  • They were mechanical.

They looked like the type of videos we’d watch in high-school that were trying to be instructional but boring as hell.

  • The background was boring.
  • The clothes were boring.
  • The presentations were boring.

And that was a shame since the attorneys were really good at what they did.

They really know their law and have excellent reputations.

What was the problem?

Their videos were way too polished.

Way too slick.

Graphics looked like they belonged in a major motion picture.

What’s the risk?

An online viewer doesn’t want a theatrical production when searching for info to help them solve their legal problem.

An online viewer wants to see someone they can relate to.

It’s highly unlikely any viewer will relate to these overly polished and slick videos…and that’s a shame.

I guarantee the law firm was convinced by some TV or film guy how important it was for their ‘image’ to create these highly polished and over the top professional videos.

I guarantee the law firm paid a fortune for this.

I can also guarantee that the law firm will wonder why people aren’t calling after watching their videos.

  • That’s because the video company that convinced these really smart attorneys to do this, don’t know who their ideal clients are.
  • That’s because this video company doesn’t know how to create a compelling message.
  • That’s because this video company has no clue what converts an online viewer into a caller.

And that my friends, is a shame.

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