Your Legal Marketing Videos Have Generated Some Great Views, but What’s the Problem?


Number of views on one of Gerry's videos. Notice the # of thumbs up/down.

Number of views on one of Gerry’s videos. Notice the # of thumbs up/down.

You have taken a bold step and created great educational videos. Kudos to you. You’re on the right track.

You notice within a few weeks your legal marketing videos are gaining traction and generating a good number of views. You are clearly doing something right.

But, I have two important questions for you.

  1. Are those videos generating calls your office?
  2. Are your viewers engaging in your video, commenting and subscribing to your YouTube channel?

The answer to the first question is critical.

If your viewers are not calling you after watching your videos, you’ve got a problem. A big problem.

What are they doing? Are they going to your website? Are they going to an article you wrote? Are they going to a blog post you wrote? Are they clicking away never to return?

If you are getting good view counts on your videos but that does not translate into people calling your office, you have a problem. It could be a significant problem.

There are many variables that might account for why a viewer would not pick up the phone and call after watching your videos. Here are couple of reasons:

  1. Your presentation stinks.
  2. Your content is boring.
  3. You have no call to action.
  4. You do not inspire confidence.

Let’s look at the second question.

After a viewer watches your video, are they leaving comments under your video? If the answer is no, why not?

Also, how many subscribers do you currently have your YouTube channel? If the answer is none or a very small number, there is a clear problem with the content you are creating. That suggests that your viewers are not interested in your content. It suggests that they do not want to watch more of your content.

A viewer who subscribes to a YouTube channel wants to receive an email every time a new video is uploaded to that person’s video channel. They are interested in that topic. They are interested in the people who create that video content.

I received this comment yesterday from a viewer:

I have been watching your channel  for several years now. A few more videos and I think I can pass the bar. Thanks. I am going to favorite this if I can figure out how to do it.

If your videos have failed to generate subscribers, I strongly suggest you reevaluate your video marketing strategy. Remember, simply creating video and putting it up online hoping that someone will call you does not work. You must use other strategies in order to teach your viewers about the great content you have to offer.

The next time you find a video interesting, go to that person’s YouTube channel and see how many subscribers they have. Then, as you go through some of their videos, look to see how their viewers engage and interact in the comment sections.

It stands to reason that the more loyal subscribers you have, the more engaged they will become and the more interested they will be with your video content.


If you would like to reevaluate your video marketing strategy and see what you are doing right and importantly what you are doing wrong, then I encourage you to reach out to me and let’s see if we can identify the problem and figure out a solution to help you with your video marketing efforts.

You can reach me at 516-487-8207 or by e-mail

Best regards,


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Well, we recently got two really good cases. We tracked where they came from, the client said they had watched our YouTube videos and they were calling us because of it. The crazy thing is I’m a non-believer. I’m always trying to break out of the box I’ve put myself in and it is amazing. People will call you because of the videos you post.

Greg Stokes
Stokes & Kopitsky, P.A.