Lawyers: How to Dominate Your Online Video Market

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If you market your law firm, isn’t your goal to get ideal consumers interested in you and not your competitor?

Isn’t the goal of marketing to get your prospects to immediately recognize that you are the go-to lawyer that they desperately have been searching for?

The key to market and advertise your legal services is to attract those potential new clients who have valid cases that you and your law firm want to take.

Ok… so let’s break it down even further.

You may represent accident victims. So who is your ideal client?

It’s going to be someone who was in an accident who suffered a significant injury. A percentage of those people will be referred to a trusted lawyer. There’s no getting around that. What about those victims who do not know a trusted lawyer? How are they going to know you are the right one for them?

More likely than not they are going to go online to search for information about their legal problem.

Ok…so what kind of information are you putting online that will, as Dan Kennedy says, magnetically attract them to you?

How often are you updating that information?

Why do you persist in talking about how many years you’ve been in practice and that you have free parking and that that you give personal attention?

Do you really think that helps differentiate you from the hundreds and thousands of lawyers who practice the same exact type of law as you do in your state?

If you have created video, how many videos do you think would be found if someone were to search for a particular problem that you handle? If you have created 1-10 videos, it will be unlikely your videos will stand out from the crowd. Six years ago, you’d stand out. Today, no way.

If you created 10-20 videos on the SAME topic, you might stand out when someone does a search for a particular topic you’ve created. Why?

There is so much content being uploaded every day, every hour and every minute to YouTube and other sources online that unless you ideally target each and every video you create, you will have a difficult time dominating your online market.

Here’s a perfect example…

You handle every type of personal injury case known to man. Slip and fall, pedestrian knockdown, auto accident, bus, car, and truck injuries. Scaffold accidents, wrongful death, product liability, mass tort litigation and more!

Your marketing fails to focus on any one specific niche and instead addresses all of them at once. If you use video to focus on all the types of law you practice, you will alienate most of your ideal consumers searching for an attorney.


Because your ideal client doesn’t care about the 12 other areas of law you handle. They only want to know you handle THEIR type of case. It’s like using a buckshot shotgun to scatter everything when instead you should be laser focusing on your specific, very narrow niche.

Using video allows you to highly target and laser focus on the ideal clients you want to magnetically attract. That’s a fact.

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I think that video is the future and you’re looking 5 years down the road, I think that the importance of television and radio are going to diminish and the importance of internet is going to rise. I think that anybody seeking to get a competitive advantage in their market needs to take the initiative and work on that now. And this is an opportunity to get in ahead of the curve and gain a competitive advantage.

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