Lawyers: What Are You Doing to Get More High-Value Cases?

Most attorneys don’t even think of what they are doing to generate high-value cases. Instead, they go from case to case thankful that cases continue to come in the door without giving much thought to what type of cases they are and why they continue to get the same types of cases over and over again.

It is the rare attorney who recognizes what types of case they consistently get. Of those attorneys, only a small percentage understand that there is a method to getting high-value, highly targeted cases.

Lawyers who understand the way to generate high target high-value cases become extremely successful. Every lawyer who has a marketing strategy call with me is asked the same question in the title of this article. “What exactly are you doing now to target the high-value cases you want?”

Most attorneys reply “I’m not doing anything.” Instead, they hope that one day the big case falls in their lap or that someone refers a big case. The “Hope” method of marketing is inconsistent and rarely works.

Instead, you have to actively market your target audience in order to get more high value target cases.

So, what exactly are you doing to get more of the cases  you want, that are most profitable?

If your answer is similar to one that I get from most of the attorneys, you need to look at different types of attorney advertising and think of which media give you the best bang for your buck in order to target those types of cases.

TV ads can focus on highly targeted high-value cases. But that is known as interruption marketing where a viewer doesn’t really need your services most of the time. Radio is the same way. Yellow Pages ads are down and out and do very little to target those high-value cases. Highly targeted websites are good. However, websites are traditionally text based. If you read a recent Pew research study, it showed that the majority of adults online prefer to watch video instead of read text.

Video allows you to target those high-value cases and do so in a way that gets you the best bang for your buck. Video stays online forever, with little or no cost to have them running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, targeted directly to those people who are searching for those exact videos and that exact information.

If you are not doing anything to get those high-value cases, and are simply using the ‘Hope’ method of marketing, you seriously need to reconsider your marketing strategies.

Want to learn more? Explore this blog. Have questions about how to create an entire video library? Contact my production manager Kathleen at 1-800-320-4314 or by e-mail: to set up your marketing strategy call with me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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