Lawyers, Want More Referrals? How Well Do You Know Your Clients?

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Lawyers often tell me that the best source for referrals are either current or past clients. Yet when I ask them what they are doing to get to know their clients and to stay in touch with their former clients, they often get a distant glaze in their eyes as if there was a disconnect between what I asked them and what they should answer.

We all know that getting a referral from a trusted source is worth its weight in gold. When a new client comes in from a trusted source who has vouched for us and said only good things about us, that’s a powerful way to generate new business.

What do you think you can do to get to know your existing and former clients even better to improve your referral rate?

One of the easiest things is to pick up the phone and call each of your clients on a regular basis. Before you send me comments telling me how impossible that is because of the large volume of clients you have, I want you to understand why keeping that personal relationship going throughout the litigation and afterward is so important.

As lawyers, we offer services to help our clients who have legal problems. The reason why a potential client chooses us instead of a competitor is often because they like us and trust us. How cool would it be if you went the extra step to make your client feel extra special? How impressed will your client be if youdid something over and above what they expected?

Here is a perfect example. If you have a same-day surgical procedure and then go home after a few hours, how cool is it when the doctor calls you late at night to find out how you are feeling? You certainly didn’t expect the doctor to call you late at night. That example is just one way to make someone feel special. There are countless others.

Make the effort to take a personal interest in each one of your clients. Show them you care and that you know all the details of their file better than they do. Then, take an interest in them and their family. That will make all the difference.









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One Response to Lawyers, Want More Referrals? How Well Do You Know Your Clients?

  • Yes you are right we should make a good relation with our clients, we should be in touch with them, we should know about their status, thanks for sharing such an good an important message to all the lawyers it would be very useful for all the new comers, who are in the law field.

    Thank you.

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