Lawyers: Learn From Frank Kern’s Dumbest Mistake Ever

Frank Kern, in case you didn’t know, is the biggest online information marketer anywhere. Truly. Anywhere.

He’s the man responsible for many multi-million dollar online product launches. Many of his own included. He’s the one that most other online marketers follow. He clearly sets the standard for everyone else to follow. “Why the headline, and what does this have to do with attorneys creating video?” I’m glad you asked. I’m on Frank’s email list (along with at least 400,000 other people) and I received an email from him the other day about his decision to start creating video. I’m going to post his email here because his comments speak directly to attorneys who are interested in creating their own video.

“Actually, I’ve done so many dumb things that
I’ve lost count …but this move is definitely up
there at the top of the dumb-o-meter.
Here’s what happened:
A few years ago, I realized that making videos
and posting them online was profitable. (DUH!)
So I did the ol’ “screencam shuffle” for a while
and made a bunch of screencams, put ‘em online,
and sold a bunch of stuff.
THEN, I figured, “Hey – maybe I’ll try to make some
videos that actually show me talking and stuff
…just like TV!”

Now, at this point – I had enough money to go out
and buy a bunch of video equipment.

So I bought a fancy new Mac for like $4,000.
Then I spend around a grand on a camera.
Then I got video editing software.
Then I bought lights.
Then I bought a tripod.
Then I realized I had no idea what the hell
I was doing …so I bought a few hundred
dollars of “How To Make Videos” books.
Then I bought tutorials to show me how to
use the editing software (Final Cut Pro. Might
as well be brain surgery.)
And then …FINALLY …I made my first “live action”
…And it made ZERO dollars.
So …I tried another one.
I spent about a week making a three minute
I did it wrong and only one out of ever nine zillion
viewers could watch it.
Once again, profit = ZERO.
And then it hit me:  I AM A SALESMAN.
I am NOT a video guy.
In fact, I have no business trying to shoot videos.
Might as well be asking a mechanic to perform
dental surgery. You’d get the same results.
But I had a problem. See, I realized that the more
GOOD videos I put out there, the more money I’d

…So I finally quit being a moron and I went and

got myself a video guy.
And that video guy allowed me to focus on SELLING
…while he did all the other stuff.
Listen, that one decision to LEVERAGE the expertise
of a more qualified individual has made me millions.
See …here’s the deal.
We all pretty much have ONE “core” thing we’re
really good at in business.
For me, it’s sales. For you, it might be the same.
Or maybe it’s graphic design. Whatever.
The point is, nobody’s good at EVERYTHING.
So it’s only logical that you dedicate 100% of
YOUR efforts doing the stuff you’re good at
…and you let someone else do the stuff you’re
bad at.
In fact, that’s one of the biggest secrets of the world’s
wealthiest people.
I mean think about it. What kind of company would
…say …Microsoft …be if Bill Gates insisted on doing
everything himself?
Not much of one, you know?
Look – all of us, as Internet Marketers, are in this business
to create wealth for ourselves and our families, right?
And most of us are “one man shows” where we’re doing
EVERYTHING ourselves.
But that doesn’t make sense, does it?
If we want to be wealthy …and virtually ALL wealthy
people leverage the work of others …then shouldn’t
we do the same?
Hell yes!
So when I decided to try to become a video expert
and do it all myself, that was dumb.
In fact, it was one of my dumbest business moves
I spent WAY more in terms of time (and actual money)
trying to learn how to do it …and in the end, my videos
totally blew.
But when I got smart and found myself a good video guy
(took ONE day, by the way), my business changed forever.
You gotta leverage the expertise of other people if you
REALLY want to create wealth.
It’s almost physically impossible to do it all yourself
…and it’s not any fun.
In fact, trying to do everything yourself costs more
that just getting someone good to help you.”
Frank was building up to a product launch his good friend is doing about outsourcing.
How does this apply to you as a lawyer? Simple.
You went to law school to be a lawyer. You learned your area of law so you could help people solve their legal problems. You didn’t go into practicing law so you could become a videographer or a video editor or a social media expert. Leave that to SOMEONE ELSE. You should be concentrating on what you’re REALLY good at. Hire someone else to do the video work for you. That’s the point.
That’s why my Total Online Video Solution for Lawyers makes it easy, simple and fun to create educational messages to market you and your law firm. You concentrate on what you do best. Let me handle the video stuff for you, just like Frank Kern describes. It’s the best advice anywhere.
Thanks for reading today’s blog post!
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Gerry, I want to thank you, you’ve helped me – not just to use video that actually converts and gets me what I want from the video that I use on the web. You have consistently delivered information to very smart, very savvy businesspeople – lawyers and professionals – that they just rave about and that they are going to start implementing in the next couple days to radically change and transform how they deliver the value to clients and how they get paid for it. Gerry, thank you! Fantastic!

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