Lawyers…If You Don’t Know Lee Rosen, You Need to Get to Know Him

North Carolina Divorce Attorney Lee Rosen

North Carolina Divorce Attorney Lee Rosen

Lee Rosen is North Carolina divorce attorney. Yet he’s much more than that. He’s a legal marketing genius who’s managed to create a law practice with 40 people and be able to travel the world at the same time. With four offices, Rosen Law Firm serves Raleigh, Charlotte, Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

I had the privilege of spending an entire day with Lee Rosen in Asheville, North Carolina along with nine other really smart attorneys. This was a one-day seminar where Lee was discussing strategies and tactics designed to take lawyer marketing to the next level.

I will tell you that I participate in multiple high-level mastermind groups and have lots of experience speaking to lawyers across the country at various legal marketing seminars.

Without a doubt, today’s one-day seminar was amazing. I learned more strategies and tactics today than I have in years.

It was obvious from the get-go that not only does Lee practice what he preaches, but he shared with us exactly what goes on in his law firm and how he is able to manage all the attorneys, all the different offices and his staff. He shared with us how he runs a productive and profitable law firm that creates growth, stability and revenue while still maintaining the ability to work remotely or not work at all.

I first learned about Lee Rosen many years ago after finding his videos on YouTube. What I found shocked me. Many of his videos had in excess of 60,000 views. 98,000 views. 125,000 views. These were videos giving great information about North Carolina divorce law. I was fascinated with those view counts. I picked up the phone and called him and talked to him for a while about his videos.

He was gracious and shared his insights with me.

Since that time I’ve consistently been a loyal reader of this blog, Divorce Discourse. I highly recommend each of you go to his website and sign up for his e-mail feed. It’s got great marketing content coming into your inbox on a consistent basis.


When I learned that Lee was holding a one-day seminar in San Francisco discussing many of the tactics and strategies he employs in his law firm, I knew I had to attend. Unfortunately, because of my extensive travel schedule it was impossible to get to the West Coast for that seminar. I sent Lee a message asking if he planned on doing an East Coast seminar and only days later did I learn that he set one up in Asheville, North Carolina.

I immediately cleared my schedule and made arrangements to participate in this one day, ten-person maximum, legal marketing seminar. BTW, you should recognize immediately that you don’t need to be a divorce attorney to use his strategies. As you know, I’m a NY Medical Malpractice & Personal Injury attorney who can model his strategies and so can you.

I will tell you that the information I received during today’s one-day seminar was worth 10-20 times what I paid to participate. It’s that good. At the end of the day, I contemplated signing up for his San Francisco one-day seminar and listening to him repeat the same content he gave today. It’s that good. My notes will have to suffice as I’m still unable to travel to West coast when he’s giving his next one-day seminar.

Here are my recommendations and action steps for you right now:

  1. Go to Divorce Discourse and sign up for his e-mail newsletter.
  2. When and if Lee has another one-day seminar, I highly recommend you sign up immediately before you get closed out, to participate in this small, highly enriching event.
  3. If you are looking for a coach, a mentor and someone who has done it, is doing it and is doing it successfully and you want someone to guide you,  I highly encourage you to contact Lee and ask him if he has any coaching opportunities still available. Seriously. He’s that good.

By the way, Lee did not ask me to write this blog post nor did he ask me for a review. Instead, I felt so motivated after today’s seminar that even though I wanted to keep this a profound secret, I felt that you could benefit greatly if I shared this great information with you.


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