Lawyer Video Marketing: The Psychology of Counting Down Instead of Up

321I just finished another ‘Insanity’ workout. What an amazing motivating workout.

The trainer, Sean T. does something I’ve rarely seen before. On one of the drills is extremely difficult and he has you do four push-ups before leading into a multi-pronged gasp-inducing exercise. Instead of counting out 1, 2, 3, 4 push-ups he starts at 4 and counts down to 1.

I didn’t realize what an incredibly motivating psychological trigger this was until I had done this exercise four days in a row.

At first, I was really scared to do this exercise. I couldn’t do it at first. It was exhausting. It was tiring. It was painful. The second day I was even more fearful. Yet I tried it. I still couldn’t complete it. By the third day I realized as I was counting down four, three, two, one, my fear was dissipating.

Why was this happening?

Two reasons. The first was that I was becoming familiar with the exercise. The second was that my body was slowly adapting and accommodating to my desire to push myself to overcome these fearful exercises.

By the fourth day I was actually looking forward to counting down to “1″ knowing I was heading into a routine I was slowly able to accomplish.

By the fifth day was looking forward to that countdown.

On a whim, I decided to reverse it and count upward on day six.

It was like climbing a mountain with 100 pounds on my back. But there was nothing on my back except the psychological change of counting up instead of down.

What does this have to do with lawyer video marketing?

A lot.

Most lawyers have never created 50 videos in a one-day video shoot. To them, that’s a huge challenge. They have likely never stepped out of their comfort zone are unfamiliar with the territory.

I think I’ll adopt that psychological motivating factor in counting down during the video shoot where I am your video producer, your video coach and your video guide.

Instead of telling attorneys how many videos they have done, I’m now going to reverse it and count down to how many more they have left to do.

Try it. It works remarkably well.

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Gerry has a unique approach here. It’s basically a turnkey approach. Because he is a trial lawyer, he talks our language but yet he can help you get it down to the level it needs to be to connect with the people watching the video. I would tell anybody that this is the guy to go to.

David Glatthorn
David Glatthorn Law