Lawyer Video Marketing: Are Your Videos Related?

Related videos on YouTube

Not in the incestuous way, but are they related in terms of the content?

At the end of your YouTube video, you are presented with a 12 panel grid. The videos that show up are, according to YouTube, somehow related to the content of the video that you just watched.

Sometimes it’s accurate. Sometimes it’s not. It gives viewers their next option about what to watch next. Of course they can select from the related videos on the column to the right side of the page. Many times, those choices to the right will be the same ones that appear at the end of your video. Of course, they can always click elsewhere or put in a different search term in the YouTube search box.

Then again, YouTube is encouraging people to watch related video.

How cool would it be if after someone watched your video, they were presented with more videos that you created? How can that happen? By having content that is related to the one you just did.

In the photo above, you see a grid of 12 videos that appear after watching my video titled

“What Does an Attorney Do When Not In Court?

To the right of the video player, you also see related videos. Interestingly, all 12 videos in the grid are mine. The same is true for the videos that show up on the right side. Now that is cool.

What kind of impression will that give your viewer searching for useful content when the only video options to choose from are videos that you created? That’s pretty powerful. Now, that doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, it’s really fun to see.

Create content that’s related and make sure your keywords and tags are also related. Then send me photos of your YouTube grid showing your related content at the end of your video. I’m looking forward to seeing your images.

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