Lawyer Video Marketing: A Remarkable Voicemail

Last night I received a memorable voicemail from a woman who wanted to speak to me. Something about a catheter being left inside of her when she had her surgery. She left her name, phone number and best time to call her.

So what’s the big deal? Not what she said in her voice mail, but what she didn’t say. Importantly, it’s what I heard in between what she was saying that was amazing.

It sounded almost like background noise. Listening carefully, I noticed something familiar about what was being said in the background. Then I heard my name. I realized she was calling me while watching one of my educational videos.

How cool is that? She liked what I was telling her in my video and decided to call to ask questions. That fact confirms what I teach attorneys about how video can be used to convert online viewers into callers.

Ideally, you want your viewers to click on your video, watch it fully and then call you to ask questions. It’s really cool when they call while watching your video.

Want to learn what will convert your online viewers into callers? Come join me in the only video coaching group for lawyers anywhere in the country.

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Gerry, We were so happy to finally meet you. We thought that we knew a thing or two about using video in our law practice until we discovered you.
You are the man. Meeting you last week prompted us to completely rethink our video strategy AND we decided that we weren’t doing nearly enough. You light a fire under our butts!
We are now back in Seattle and refocusing and redoubling our video marketing efforts! Thanks Gerry!

Chris & Mischelle Davis
Davis Law Group, P. S.