Lawyer Video Marketing- 6 Ways to Know Your Viewer Likes Your Content

6 Ways to Know Your Viewer Likes Your Content

  1. They call you
  2. They call you
  3. They call you
  4. They call you
  5. They call you
  6. They call you

That’s the only real metric that matters. Not the number of likes. Not the number of shares. Not the number of comments.

Only one metric matters when creating video to market your law firm…whether anyone calls.

If you recognize that you’ve got a problem with your videos, you need help now, not later. Over the past 8 years I’ve had the privilege of having injured victims call me after watching my educational videos that have resulted in $8.6 million in settlements. You know what to do…reach out to me at 516-487-8207. I can fix your video marketing problems.

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avatarGerry, it was great to meet you and I am proud to say I have got my first video up on the web! Your online course is excellent. Take care.

David Brannen
Resolute Legal