Lawyer Video Marketing: 3 Keys To Success

Dave Kaminski talks about 3 Keys To Success With Web Video. He’s right on target with his mindset and I totally agree with him that worrying about what equipment to use is nowhere near as important as what to talk about and implement.

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4 Responses to Lawyer Video Marketing: 3 Keys To Success

  • The video for “Lawyer Video Marketing: 3 Keys To Success” does not come up on my internet computer. I’m not sure if the problem is on your end or on my end. Verizon sold out to Frontier and ever since we have experienced problems with our internet/email computers. However, I am able to see your other videos so I am inclined to think that there may be a coding problem with your most recent (this) video.

  • Gerry – the error was on my end. I’m not use to waiting 10 minutes for your video blog to fully download. With Verizon there was no problem. Now that Verizon sold out to Frontier its clear that Frontier is not ready for prime time. Keep the videos coming. Next time I’ll just be more patient. Regards, Richard

  • Right on Gerry. If you approach this from “what camera should I get” rather than “what should I be saying to my target market” then you’re in the wrong mindset for using video successfully.

  • That’s exactly my point. Most are focused on the tech stuff instead of looking at what info their ideal client or consumer needs to know. How do you help lawyers identify and change that mindset?

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New York Attorney Gerry Oginski is the leading expert on creating lawyer videos. He is the uncontested master of using video to generate new business for lawyers.

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